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Gossip Jealous Girls Single

Let's get one thing straight. I like the whole concept of Gossip, whether that be the ideology of what their songs are about to the whole anti-image persona portrayed by Beth Ditto et al.

What doesn't quite elevate them to iconic status (yet) though is the quality of their music, and as much as it pains me to say it, they do appear to be living of the back of one song at this present moment in time.

Sadly, 'Jealous Girls' isn't the song in question, although the inclusion here of its far superior live incarnation should at least give some indication of what all the hype is about regarding Gossip being one of the most exciting acts you'll see in the flesh this year.

What they really need to do, of course, is set about writing a follow-up to 'Standing In The Way Of Control' and then any fears of a style over substance backlash would be admonished for good.

Dom Gourlay

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