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Beth Ditto Legally Weds

Beth Ditto got married on New Year's Eve (31.12.14).The Gossip singer and partner Kristin Ogata officially tied the knot in their home state of Oregon last week, 17 months after affirming their union in a...

Beth Ditto Recording With Blondie

Gossip star Beth Ditto is recording a duet with veteran rockers Blondie.The band is currently working on a new album, and frontwoman Debbie Harry has revealed she has produced a special duet with Ditto....

Beth Ditto Arrested For Disorderly Conduct

Gossip singer Beth Ditto has been arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.The 32-year-old rocker was taken into custody in the early hours of Saturday morning (16.03.13) following a disturbance outside the Bungalo Bar in Portland,...

Beth Ditto Arrested

Gossip frontwoman Beth Ditto has been arrested and charged with disorderly conduct following a night out in Oregon.The rocker was held by cops in the early hours of Saturday (16Mar13) after lashing out when she...

Beth Ditto Eager To Create Socially-conscious Clothing Line

Gossip star Beth Ditto has set her sights on launching a socially-conscious clothing line.The I Wrote the Book singer twice teamed up with bosses at U.K. retailer Evans to create a plus-size collection for the...

Mark Ronson Quit Gossip Collaboration After Amy Winehouse's Death

Mark Ronson walked away from studio sessions with Gossip after the death of his close friend Amy Winehouse last year (11).The producer was working with Beth Ditto and her band on their latest album, A...

Ditto Diagnosed With Adhd

GOSSIP frontwoman BETH DITTO has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).The Standing in the Way of Control hitmaker was warned by friends that she possibly suffered from the condition but she refused to...

Ditto Posed Naked To Inspire Others

THE GOSSIP frontwoman BETH DITTO stripped naked for a U.S. magazine cover to inspire larger ladies to feel proud of their size.The rotund singer bared all for style guide Love earlier this year (09), with...

Perry 'Not Impressed' With Ditto Gay Slam

KATY PERRY has hit back at BETH DITTO after the GOSSIP star attempted to start a pop feud with her for "faking gay" in her music.Homosexual singer Ditto slammed the I Kissed A Girl hitmaker...


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