THE Gossip frontwoman Beth Ditto stripped naked for a U.S. magazine cover to inspire larger ladies to feel proud of their size.
The rotund singer bared all for style guide Love earlier this year (09), with only a pink tutu to preserve her modesty.
She was initially unsure about taking part in the revealing photoshoot - but agreed to pose in a bid to convince readers her body size is "normal".
She says, "You think 'Oh what is this going to do? What am I doing this for?' Then it's like I thought 'This is a really great challenge for myself'. I thought 'Can I do this?' Then I thought, 'Well, why can't I do this?' Just to have the opportunity... maybe people will see a body like mine and then remember that we are actually the norm. We are what normal people look like. So I had to think about that... maybe this will inspire people."