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The Grammys of 2015 were very disappointing. LJ Cool was great, unfortunately his sense of humor was lacking, due to this "new age" Crap. It seems the music world wants to forget where they all came from. Your taste in clothing on the red carpet, in our opinion, stunk. It's more inportant to show off the nudity, than the class these days. Your loosing it. The music was more gloom

Posted 6 years 5 months ago by ljwarner66

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The grammies were cool.

Posted 11 years 6 months ago by JoshtotheMax

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I am disappointed in Mary J. Blige. It was her duet last year's Grammys with Bono and U2 that got her the respect she needed at that point in her career. So she wins a Grammy this year --the song they played was this same duet with Bono and U2 -- and she does not bother to thank them for the let up U2 gave her. She thanked endless others, but not the ones who gave her that one shot that landed her on her feet. If she forgets favors that easily, she won't go very far... and needs to learn to appreciate friendship when it comes along..

Posted 14 years 5 months ago by Smokey+++++++++...

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