The Flash is coming, albeit at not quite supersonic speed. CW’s Arrow spinoff doesn’t have a premiere date yet, but the network recently released a trailer and clip for the upcoming show. And it looks pretty epic, or at least that’s the impression CW is obviously trying to make.

Grant Gustin
Grant Gustin as The Flash brings up inevitable Spider-Man analogies.

Comic book fans weren’t very enthusiastic about the network’s first foray into the superhero genre when it was announced at Comic-Con 2013, but this might be the trailer that changes all their minds. No, seriously, the trailer is really good. Those, who don’t want to get spoiled, however, might want to stick to the first teaser trailer, released earlier. The five-minute version does essentially give viewers a walkthrough of the pilot, so if you’re avoiding spoilers like the plague, skip it.

Everyone else can watch the trailer below.

Having already established Barry Allen in Arrow, The Flash producers have apparently turned to The Flash’s origin story for the pilot. It’s a smart move and gives them a lot of room for the season ahead. In addition, this appears to be much less dark and moody than other DC adaptations of late – the trailers make it look much like an answer to Marvel/Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man, except in series form. A geeky young man, who lost his parents as a kid, is granted superpowers and thrust into a world, bigger than he ever imagined. The writers even seem to be playing on the power/responsibility theme with this.

And with a trailer that prominently features the statement: “It’s time to think big!” it looks like CW is staking its claim on the superhero market, in a big way. 

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