Shooting for the pilot for CW’s latest superhero outing, 'The Flash' has gotten well and truly underway and there’s plenty of details coming out about the latest small screen outing of DC’s speediest superhero. With a full cast in place and the character getting its introduction in sister show ‘Arrow’, it wont be long until the show races its way onto our television screens. With that in mind we thought it’s best to keep ahead of the pack and bring you everything you need to know about ‘The Flash’.

Grant Gustin will play 'The Flash'Grant Gustin will play 'The Flash'

The Flash

The Flash’ character first made its appearance in the DC universe in 1940 as the superhero who posseses super speed and superhuman reflexes. The identity of The Flash has been taken on by four different characters who have gained the power of super speed. The original Flash was Jay Garrick, who was depicted on television in the 1990 series (also called 'The Flash’) where he was played by John Wesley Snipp. Garrick’s successor to The Flash mantel was Barry Allen, who will be the Flash used in this new television outing. Allen is a forensic scientist whose mother was murder and whose father was falsely imprisoned for the crime. After a chemical accident he finds he has the powers of super speed and becomes a masked crime fighter battlingevil in Centrail City.

The Team

The ones behind resurrecting ‘The Flash’ for the small screen are the same team that are currently working on ‘Arrow’. ‘Arrow’ co-creators and producers Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim have been the main force responsible for giving the character its own spin-off series. David Nutter, who also directed the ‘Arrow’ pilot will return to take on ‘The Flash’ debut as well.

Stephen Amell from 'Arrow'The Barry Allen character debuted on 'Arrow', starring Stephen Amell

The Plot

The debut of the Barry Allen character came in the ‘Arrow’ season 2 episode ‘The Scientist’. Barry is a crime scene investigator from Central City who came to Sterling City to help on a investigation into a possible 'super being'. Upon arriving in Sterling City he immediately raised the suspicions of Oliver Queen, the billionaire playboy by day who by night is concealing his identity as the crime fighting Arrow. It is later revealed that Barry Allen has been looking for a super powered being in the hope of finding the one who killed his mother and clearing his father's name. After Barry was called upon to help save an injured Oliver, Oliver's identity as Arrow was revealed to Barry. Then when Barry left Sterling City he gave Oliver a domino mask to help better conceal his indentity, but upon his return home Barry is doused with chemicals and caught in an explosion at his lab, after the new particle accelerator explodes during a lightning storm. After this we learn that Barry is in a coma. 'The Flash' series will pick up afterwards with Barry now having the powers of super speed.

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