Heads up, fans of The Flash! The speediest superhero on Earth is being given a small screen makeover with 90210's Grant Gustin in the classic DC Comics role. Gustin's full costume has just been revealed and although no drastic differences have been made from the original maroon and gold, skin-tight get-up, fans will be relieved that their hero's iconic look has hardly been tampered with.

Grant Gustin
The First Exciting Photo Of Grant Gustin Dressed As The Flash Has Been Released.

Gustin will play scientist Barry Allen, AKA The Flash, in the upcoming action series set to be aired on The CW. The costumed crime-fighter receives his unique skill for blistering speed when he gets caught in a chemical explosion at a lab and struck by a lightning bolt caused by a physics experiment.

"I hope the fans who treasure the character are as excited as we are by what costume designer Colleen Atwood has achieved with this latest version of The Flash's iconic suit," David Nutter, The Flash pilot's director and executive producer, in a statement, via E! Online.

Fans of The CW's preceding superhero series The Arrow will remember Gustin who made his debut as Barry Allen on the show. This signalled to eagle-eyed viewers that a Flash series was in the pipeline too, and indeed last July the rumours were confirmed. Allen had his accident in The Arrow and we were told that he was left in a coma following the lab incident.

Earlier today, Gustin lead the excitement of DC's big reveal, teasing his Twitter fans with the unveiling of the suit. "Wanna see the entire Flash suit now..?" he tweeted, adding "I promise it's on the way. Let's trend it. Don't go anywhere."

Grant Gustin Pre Emmy Party
On Set Photos From Vancouver Show Gustin Performing His Own Stunts.

On set photos from the series' filming in Canada show Grant as the civilian Allen leaping to safety and landing on grass as a car explodes into flames, leaving him bloodied and bruised. There were also shots of Grant running, which will presumably be sped up for the scene.