CW’s ‘Arrow’ may have wrapped up its second season on Wednesday night, but fans were given an extra treat when they got their first look at upcoming spin off ‘The Flash’. Yes it’s only a one minute promo spot, but it does give us a hint of what to expect from the series, plus a closer look at that all important costume.

Grant Gustin will play 'The Flash'Grant Gustin will play 'The Flash'

First let’s get up to speed (sorry) on ‘The Flash’. A spin off of the CW’s hugely successful superhero series, ‘Arrow’, ‘The Flash’ is based on the DC comic book character of the same name. He was first introduced to ‘Arrow’ viewers as crime scene investigator Barry Allen, who appeared in Sterling City to investigate the possibility of a ‘super being’. After gaining Oliver Queen’s trust he returned to Central City where he was caught up in a chemical explosion in his lab during a lightening storm. The accident left him in a coma, but when he awakes he’ll have his own set of superpowers to help fight crime in the city.

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The promo seems to have one clear objective, to show off The Flash as the speediest superhero we have ever seen. He’s shown to be able to outrun an arrow launched by the Arrow himself, which is a pretty impressive feet. The clip might not give anything away about the series, but using Oliver Queen, aka Arrow, alongside The Flash is a clever way to introduce Allen and his powers to viewers.

Watch 'The Flash' promo here:

There are only two lines of dialogue between the characters in the clip. An excited Allen, played by grant Gustin, shouts “oh yeah”, after catching the arrow to which Queen responds with a deadpan “show off.” It seems to hint that we perhaps can expect 'The Flash' to be a little more lighthearted than the dark and brooding 'Arrow.' Allen might just be a little less of a tortured hero and more the fun loving kind.

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Of course the major talking point has to be The Flash’s costume. Though a darker red than we're used to, it is still very much in keeping with the original comic books while also looking modern enough to work for a new audience. The only real thing that causes us slight concern is the material. Bits of the costume appear to be made from leather and as good as it might look we have to wonder, is running in leather really a good idea?

Stephen Amell from 'Arrow'Stephen Amell stars as Arrow

Though we only got a quick look at ‘The Flash’, the promo video has proved tantalising enough for eager viewers. It looks fun and lighthearted, everything a superhero show should be, which would make it a perfect compliment to ‘Arrow’. We might have a while to wait, but for now, ‘The Flash’ looks like it could be our new favourite superhero series when it debuts in the fall.