A trailer for 'Stuck In Love,' the new comedy-drama starring Greg Kinnear, Lily Collins and Jennifer Connelly, is here! The movie follows William Borgens (Kinnear), a once highly regarded novelist whose wife (Connelly) leaves him for a younger, more handsome man. William is unable to write a single word in light of the heart-breaking divorce and spends his days spying on his ex-wife through her window.

However, his pretty friend-with-benefits, played by Kristin Bell, does her best to get him back into the dating game, picking out his outfits and setting up an online dating profile. Elsewhere, his promiscuous daughter (Collins) is beginning to forge her own career and gets her first book published. His son Rusty, an aspiring writer, tries to show a troubled and vulnerable girl that he is the guy to her. It all looks good fun, and Kinnear is always good value for money, especially in the self-deprecating, down-on-his-luck creative type roles. 

A romantic-comedy with a twist, 'Stuck In Love' appears to be one of the better of the summer flicks on offer this year. The movie features a cameo appearance from legendary horror novelist Stephen King.

'Stuck In Love' gets a limited release in the U.S. on April 19, 2013.

Greg KinnearLily Collins
Greg Kinnear [L] and Lily Collins [R] Play Father-Daughter Novelists In 'Stuck In Love'