Randall Miller and Jody Savin, the director and producer of the Gregg Allman biopic Midnight Rider, have pleaded not guilty to manslaughter charges stemming from a death on the movies set. The husband-and-wife team were indicted along with executive producer Jay Sedrish after a camera operator was struck by a train and killed during production in February.

Gregg Allman'Midnight Rider' is based on the life of Gregg Allman

Miller and Savin said in a statement that during more than two decades in film, they have always emphasized safety on set.

"In the weeks and months that follow when the true facts of the events are revealed, people will know that this was not a crime: We never had criminal intent; we would never knowingly or intentionally put anybody's safety at risk. This was a horrible tragedy and a horrific accident."

Sarah Elizabeth Jones, 27, died on February 20 after an oncoming train ripped through the set while the crew were attempting to install equipment to film on a trestle bridge in rural Wayne County near Savannah.

Six other crew members were injured during the accident and authorities confirmed that film company Unclaimed Freight Productions Inc did not have permission to film on an active train track. 

Jones' parents have filed a wrongful death lawsuit, while the manslaughter charges against Miller, Savin and Sedrish could bring a possible sentence of 10 years in prison. 

It is unclear whether Sedrish has entered a plea at this time.