Grammy Award-winning jazz star Gregory Porter has Sam Smith partly to thank for his working relationship with British electronic duo Disclosure after the soul singer suggested his name for an unlikely collaboration.

The Stay With Me hitmaker has long been a fan of Porter's and advised brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence to check out his music while they were working together on Mary J. Blige's new album, The London Sessions - and the introduction led to Disclosure recently inviting the California native into the studio with them.

Porter tells Wenn, "I've recorded with Disclosure, which just happened...

"The tentacles of that organisation (Disclosure) worked on Mary J. Blige's record, and I think based on that, they reached out to me... to do something. And... Sam Smith - by way of meeting him and tweets and stuff like that, I've found that he's a fan of my music - he also mentioned to them that they should work with me and that's how that happened."

Porter admits he and Smith have also expressed hopes of working together at some point in the future, while he's keen to hit the studio with fellow singer Aloe Blacc too - although he has no idea if their busy schedules will allow for such collaborations.

He explains, "There's been some brief conversations... - you've... walked past some person in a hallway and you're like, 'Oh, I love you, man, we're gonna do something, someday, I don't know how or where'. Aloe Blacc, we've been doing that for most of last year, talking about each other on radio shows, and Sam Smith (too), so maybe something (could happen)...

"Who knows? I have to do my own record as well. This often happens in music... but the opportunity, the time, so many things have to happen (in order to allow a collaboration to come to fruition).

"Sometimes people's schedules are so difficult... (and) the challenges that touring has on the voice sometimes may not allow for the perfect timing for a recording. So, if the stars do align (we will collaborate)."

Porter has already worked with other Brits Laura Mvula and Jamie Cullum on tracks for the expanded deluxe edition of his latest album, Liquid Spirit.