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Ian Mckellen Annoyed By Potter Confusion

Sir Ian McKellen gets frustrated when people think he is Dumbledore from 'Harry Potter'. The 71-year-old actor confesses he is a fan of his character in 'Lord of the Rings', white bearded Gandalf, but he...

The Hobbit Filming Delayed

'The Hobbit' will not be filmed until the end of the year.Andy Serkis - who has played Gollum in the three former 'Lord of the Rings' movies - confirms work on the film, which was...

Hairball-inspired Andy Serkis

Andy Serkis developed the voice for Gollum in 'Lord of the Rings' from his cat.The 46-year-old actor admits used the sound of his pet cat coughing up a hairball as his inspiration for the creature's...

Andy Serkis Shooting Hobbit In May

Andy Serkis begins filming on 'The Hobbit' in May. The British actor - who plays the role of Gollum in the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy - admits plans are in motion for the film,...

Del Toro Brings Horror Magic To Disney

GUILLERMO DEL TORO is bringing his dark and twisted brand of filmmaking to the family-friendly Disney franchise after signing on to become the "creative force" behind a new horror animation venture.The Pan's Labyrinth director will...

Clash Of The Flawed Superheroes

It will be a fierce fight between seriously flawed superheroes over the weekend, as Hellboy II: The Golden Army takes on Hancock at the box office. Most analysts are forecasting that the outcome is likely...

Pan's Labyrinth Claims Nine Honours At Mexican Film Awards

Acclaimed fantasy film PAN'S LABYRINTH swept the board at the Mexican film awards on Tuesday (20MAR07). Director GUILLERMO DEL TORO's movie claimed nine honours at the annual Ariel Awards, Best Picture and Best Director. One...

Labyrinth Director Wrote His Own Subtitles

PAN'S LABYRINTH writer/director GUILLERMO DEL TORO penned the subtitles for the Spanish-language fantasy film himself because he felt translators did a terrible job of his last movie. The Mexican moviemaker spent a month working on...

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