Fans at last month's WonderCon were treated to an exclusive trailer for Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim and that footage has now been released in full. The films sees Earth under attack from undersea alien invaders that can only be stopped by machines. The trailer is packed full with explosions, destruction and "2,500 tons of awesome" as Charlie Day's character puts it.

The movie gained some increased publicity last week when a feud appeared to be developing between del Toro and Transformers director Michael Bay. The latter appeared to hint that Pacific Rim was ripping off his machinery movies, though del Toro dissed the franchise as slick car commercials. "I thought Guillermo was mad at me, and he thought I was mad at him. We both exchanged calls today and realized nobody was mad at anybody except we were both mad at that reporter!" said Bay afterwards.

Feud or no feud, Pacific Rim should perform pretty well when it opens on July 12, 2013. It stars Idris Elba, Charlie Hunnam, Rinko Kikuchi and Ron Perlman. From the trailer, the movie is going to be visually arresting at the very least. Del Toro hired Oscar winners John Knoll and Hat. T Hickel, both known for their work on the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, to do the visual effects. Shane Mahan, known for creating the armoured suits for Iron Man, was hired as effects supervisor. 

Guillermo Del ToroGuillermo Del Toro At CinemaCon 2013