The ghost of assassinated San Francisco, California city supervisor HARVEY MILK haunts the site of the camera store he once owned, according to moviemaker Gus Van Sant.
The director claims that Milk's spirit turned up on the set of the film, when Van Sant and his stars Sean Penn and James Franco recreated the Castro Camera Shop in the gift store the place has become in the 30 years since the gay public official's murder.
Unfortunately, the filmmaker was too busy to notice the spook.
He explains, "The gift store owners were very into the legacy of the store and willing to let us close their shop down and move our set in. They had a mural of Harvey Milk.
"During a shot at night there was a take where we were using most of the room and there were three or four actors in the scene. Some people were sitting on the sofa which was outside of the shot and during one of the takes somebody walked in from outside and sat down on the sofa during the shot.
"After the shot was over and I yelled 'Cut,' he apparently got up and walked out. The actors were like, 'Did you see that guy?' I didn't see anybody, but they kept describing Harvey, so I figure it was the ghost of Harvey walking into the store for a brief second."