Review of EP by Guy Chambers

Perhaps best known for his partnership with Robbie Williams, The 'Songs For A Boy EP' sounds pop songwriter Guy Chambers away from his comfort-zone in this stunning collaboration with vocalist Sophie Hunter.

Opening track 'Epitaph' oozes moodily and forebodingly from a blend of low guitars, bass, drums and the depth of atmospheric organ chords, later encapsulating a simple yet atmospheric and brooding piano solo. Sophie Hunter's vocals are low and smooth, somehow carrying both the darkness of the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club but simultaneously the beauty of the likes of Kathryn Williams or Slow Moving Millie in her beautiful vocal tone. 'House Of Wood' then opens with delicately picked low acoustic guitar which accompanies Hunters' lush smooth vocals before the beat and bass kick in to pad out the sound with an equally as on-edge and minor-tainted blend as the EP's opening track, but similarly just as stunning.

'Heal' opens with harp scales forming a bed beneath picked guitars and continues as a truly beautiful, gentle and down-tempo ballad that, true to its title and lyrics, has a real feeling of peace within its' blend; a kind of resolution to the uneasiness of the preceding two tracks. The EP is then concluded by the gentle, cello-flanked 'The Angels Sing' which sounds great similarity to 'House Of Wood' in its' oozing atmospheric blend.

Guy Chambers  EP

Hannah Spencer