Guy Pearce doesn't drink beer.

The Australian actor claims he is not like his fellow countrymen, who are renowned for a love of the alcoholic beverage, because he does not like the taste of it.

He said: ''I'm not at all like your typical Aussie bloke. I must be the only Aussie who doesn't drink beer. I just don't like the taste.''

However, he admits he does have other manly traits - including a love of carpentry.

He said: ''I quite like carpentry. There's nothing I'm particularly good at building. I'm just dependable at fixing what needs to be looked at in the house.''

Guy is starring in new movie 'Lockout' where he must save the US president's daughter from a jail overrun by violent inmates in space, and the 44-year-old hunk admits he had to transform his body before he took part.

In an interview with ShortList magazine, he said: ''There was a bit of bulking up to do before shooting, but I was fit enough. I eat healthily anyway so it was a matter of eating more. I play an army marine sort of chap, so I thought it was important that I look like one, and they can be big. It was about getting into weight training.''