Guy Ritchie loves folk music.

The 46-year-old director - whose film credits include 'Snatch' and 'Sherlock Holmes' - has revealed himself to be a big fan of the genre and other songs that have a timeless quality.

Reflecting on his musical tastes, Guy explained: ''My favourite thing at the moment is folk music that's anything to a thousand years old, all those old songs, because they capture everything to me about the narrative.

''There's a spiritual element, there's a material element, there's conflict, there's blood, there's guts, there's love, there's ghosts and magic and the expression of everything interesting and there's irony and paradox, all captured within these old poems.''

The acclaimed filmmaker also revealed he's particularly excited about the soundtrack to his latest movie, 'The Man From UNCLE'.

He told Spotify: ''Daniel Pemberton [the film's composer] and I had... well, we're very excited about the soundtrack and it meant a lot to do it.

''But let's just say there's lots of shouting going on in that relationship.''

Meanwhile, Guy's new film, 'The Man From UNCLE', sees retired soccer star David Beckham make his acting debut.

A source previously said: ''He was very grateful to Guy for getting him a small role and it was a great experience.''