Written by John August, with Dan Lin serving as producer and Guy Ritchie as director, will come Disney's live-action version of their classic film 'Aladdin', currently aiming for a release date in mid-2019. 

Navid Negahban will play The Sultan in the filmNavid Negahban will play The Sultan in the film

An interesting roster of talent has been unveiled to take part in the movie, with relative newcomer Mena Massoud taking on the titular role, opposite 'Power Rangers' star Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine. Will Smith brings his A-lister status to proceedings as the Genie of the Lamp, whilst Billy Magnussen will play Prince Anders and Marwan Kenzari has signed on to tackle the villainous role of Jafar. Then there's Navid Negahban as Jasmine's father, The Sultan.

Negahban is somebody who's recently been chatting about the 2019 flick, revealing a little about what we should expect from Ritchie's vision. Asked by Screen Rant if he'll be singing in the movie, he replied: "(Laughing) No. My name is ‘Singbad the Sailor’ so this is my name. I’m not a singer. My kids, they laugh at me when I start singing. Guy’s point of view goes deeper. One of the things he wanted to do and he was very, very cautious about it and he was emphasizing on that he wants to be very respectful to the characters."

Guy Ritchie serves as director on the live-action 'Aladdin'Guy Ritchie serves as director on the live-action 'Aladdin'

The approach is one that Negahban goes on to describe as "very, very cautious", with the actor claiming his director is doing his all to "show the depth of each of these characters".

He also talks up the costumes that have apparently already been made, describing them as both "gorgeous" and "unbelievable". It's clear that this is a project of passion for the actor, and hopefully that's something that stems from everybody else who's involved in making it a reality.

Negahban's commentary about the "respect" shown for the characters should also ease some of the worries a vocal portion of the Disney fan base had about "whitewashing"; something Dan Lin has been adamant wouldn't happen from the outset.

Having already pulled together a very talented group of actors to tackle the film, we hope the screenplay is also up to par, and the production and direction allows for one of the most successful Disney releases of the modern day. Following the huge positive reactions to the live-action versions of 'The Jungle Book', 'Beauty and the Beast' and the like, 'Aladdin' has some big shoes to fill, but we're sure it's more than capable of doing so.

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We'll bring you more information on the new 'Aladdin' film - released May 24, 2019 - as and when we get it.