The actress, who plays Victoria Vinciguerra in the new Guy Ritchie movie, admits she enjoys stunt work but froze when she realised she'd have to look like a polished driver - because in real life she can't drive and insists she's "a completely impractical human being".

She tells WENN, "There was a man in this tiny little cage who actually drove the car for me! People asked me after the first take, 'How are you? Are you fine? Was it scary?' I hadn't even thought of that when I was in the car, but actually it was quite dangerous, driving through all these little alleys.

"I've sort of noted throughout my life that so many actors don't drive cars. I grew up in Melbourne, Australia and you just used public transport. I was really young when I went to high school, so that was my excuse. When all my friends were getting their licenses I couldn't apply for it, so I sort of missed the boat and never got on it.

"I can kind of drive a car, but you don't want to be in there with me! In the stunt, taking off in a manual car, for me, was, like, a really huge life achievement. When I got it into gear and it went in a straight line I was like, 'Yes!' It was such a private joy for me."