Gwen Stefani feared her "life was over" after her marriage to Gavin Rossdale ended.

The 'Hollaback Girl' singer split from the Bush frontman - the father of her three sons, Kingston, 16, Zuma, 14, and eight-year-old Apollo - in 2015 after 13 years of marriage and she admitted falling for her fellow 'The Voice' coach Blake Shelton shortly afterwards felt like a "miracle".

Speaking on 'The Drew Barrymore Show', she said: "God just put us together. It was one of those miracle situations where I didn’t see it coming.

"I was like, 'I'm gonna wake up every day, I’m gonna have a coffee, I’m gonna take care of my kids and then I’m gonna go to bed.'

'Like, I’m never gonna kiss anyone.' …like, I thought my life was over. And then Blake Shelton's like, 'Hey. I'm Blake Shelton.'"

Gwen hailed her relationship with Blake - who she married in July 2021 - "the dream" because they are "so different yet so the same".

She said: "Finding a best friend, someone that is, like, on the same plane when it comes to morals, or just the way you look at life, that’s the dream.

"Having someone that, we think the same about things yet we’re so different, like, he’s watching football and doing his stuff that he does and I’m, like, putting make-up on. We are so different yet we’re so the same on so many levels."

Drew agreed and noted: "That’s the perfect balance, because opposites attract, expand each other’s horizons, and also give a little room for individuality."

Meanwhile, Gwen admitted she doesn't think she would make it past the first round of 'The Voice' because she's got a "character voice" rather than technical brilliance.

She said: "I would never get a chair turn, there’s no way. Because this is the thing about 'The Voice'. The whole thing is just, it’s very different than watching someone sing a song and that’s the whole point, that you’re eliminating any of those other sensory things, you’re just hearing the voice.

"And I feel like my voice has been, it’s like a character voice. Some of these singers are so technically incredible that come on the show, they’re so gifted as singers, so I don’t know if a show like the 'The Voice' I would get a chair turn like I feel like I could get someone to listen to it on the radio, but it’s just different."