Gwen Stefani was joined by her 18-month-old son in launching her latest fashion collection.

The No Doubt singer and Zuma - her youngest son with rocker husband Gavin Rossdale - donned matching leather jackets at the LAMB Autumn/Winter show in New York yesterday (11.02.10).

However, few people watching her show noticed she was on a stepladder at the back of the room as they were so riveted by her collection, featuring models in high heels with Big Hair wearing skinny leather pants, military-style belts and hardware-inspired dresses.

Explaining the range, Gwen said: "The collection is kind of based on this vintage, naughty Hollywood girl - starlet girl, and then a little bit of a modern, futuristic girl, and a little bit of a soldier girl . . . What I've learned is that you kind of have the inspiration, you have the picture, you have an idea, and what I love about fashion and about doing it is that it just sort of evolves into whatever it's going to be."

The singer admitted most of her designs are created according to her own fashion tastes, which she claims is harder than people would expect.

She told website "I just want to make stuff that I want to wear . . . Stuff I want to wear every day that's to the left enough that it makes you feel unique and individual, but also you can wear it. That's my ultimate goal.

"That's the hardest thing to do. It's easy to make some glamorous dress and put all of your energy into that. To make that T-shirt that you just throw on that's actually cool and funky and makes people go, "Whoa!" When they're jealous, that's what I want to do."