'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' star Gwendoline Christie has always been an icon of red carpet glamour, known to be able to pull off absolutely anything. And now she's proved she can channel catwoman with the same charm in The Love Magazine's sensational video advent calendar. 

Gwendoline ChristieGwendoline Christie rocks any look

In a retro black and white clip directed by fashion photographer Boo George, Christie is seen sashaying up to the roof of a high rise building in London wearing a black latex catsuit complete with eye-mask, ears and Giuseppe Zanotti stilettos, before whipping off her mask and flashing the camera a dazzling smile. The video ends with an interview clip of her attempting an impression of Chewbacca, leaving us marvelling at just how awesome and hilarious she is.

The video marked Day 17 of the LOVE Advent Calendar, and is Christie's second turn on the project having been Day 14 last year, wearing a lot of black leather. Previous guests on this year's calendar included Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Pamela Anderson and Rita Ora.

Christie was interviewed earlier this year by the magazine following her win at the British Fashion Awards in a witty exchange that saw her admit she's kept all of her 'Game Of Thrones' costumes, joke that she wears them to bed and impart some valuable dos and don'ts on fashion: 'Do - whatever you like; Don't - care'.

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Catwoman certainly rivals the breathtaking costume of Captain Phasma, Christie's 'Star Wars' character. She's the first female stormtrooper and also has the coolest set of armour of anyone: a chrome-coloured get-up that has won praise for its androgyny and similarity to the male stormtrooper armour. After all, since when did armour need to be cinched in at the waist? Seriously, if anything's going to turn you to the dark side, it's Gwendoline Christie.