For many, Gwendoline Christie is most recognisable as the brilliant Brienne of Tarth in HBO series 'Game of Thrones', having played the character for a number of seasons and to-date, managing to keep her head! When 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' was announced however, it became clear that she would be making the move to the big screen in yet another major role, as she took on the villainous character Captain Phasma.

Gwendoline Christie at the premiere for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'Gwendoline Christie at the premiere for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

Leading the First Order, Phasma is somebody who rules with the intent of utilising the terror she strikes into the hearts of her enemies AND companions, certain in her cause of taking down the Resistance and all who stand alongside it. Whilst she took some bumps in 'The Force Awakens', it looks like she'll be returning stronger than ever in the next 'Star Wars' episodic entry, 'The Last Jedi'.

Now, Christie has taken a look back at the moment when she first discovered she would be joining the world's leading sci-fi film series, describing it with passion and clear in her joy at being a part of something so momentous.

Speaking with Indo Asian News Service, the actress explained: "I can remember the precise moment I was cast as Captain Phasma in 'Star Wars'. It was an explosion of unbelievable joy. For a long time, I had campaigned to be in the franchise to anyone who would listen. It was an ambition motivated by one of my earliest memories, of when, aged six, I was placed in front of the flamboyant space opera. I marveled at this fantasy world in a way I couldn’t yet articulate, with its misfits and droids and a woman who fought the enemy with intelligence, who was funny and refused to be shackled – the inimitable Princess Leia."

After seeing her costume for the films, she was completely sold: "When I was taken to the top-secret wardrobe department to see my Captain Phasma costume – a shiny, full-body suit of armor – I was truly electrified. Kathleen Kennedy, president of LucasFilm, had asked me if I’d ever Googled ‘female superheroes’ and proceeded to show me the results; a plethora of scantily clad, cartoon-like women and not a whole lot else."

Challenging the usual stigma of women in films like this is something the whole 'Star Wars' team have done with Christie and her character, and that's something we should all applaud. In being part of the movement that allows women to gain unique and different roles, they're laying the foundations for films and women of the future to go out and succeed more than ever before.

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'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' is set for release in UK cinemas on December 15, 2017, with 'Episode IX' scheduled to drop two years later in December 2019.