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dear girl, I have been married to a musician for 30 NOT be fooled. it is always about does not matter if there are children or twin sons are 25yrs.old now...still missing their Pappa G.HE is all about NOT fall for his sweet words. He's talking to himself afterall.....I write this to you while watching the Beatles' "A Hard's Days Night".can't buy me love,I didn't think this would EVER happen to me.signed,Sandi GARY [email protected]'ll fall in love with him like i did...tooo cool.

Posted 12 years 4 days ago by sandi

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Black tongued Matthew Sedgewick, let go of your jealousy, before it eats you up completely. Did you get rejected for the rear end of a Donkey in your school play or something?Gwyneth Paltrow is a thinking man's crumpet end of!

Posted 14 years 7 months ago by nutty but nice

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Okay Gwennie to put it very grcefully to you, You can't act, you can't sing it's a wonder you can even talk! Is it any wonder that your films have gone straight to video? Boy you must have been on a lot of morphine to name you poor baby after produce. I mean come on Gwenethwe ALL KNOW you didn't have to work you way to the toplike Bette Davis or a lot of other fine actors. All it took was a phone call from Daddy and Mommie and Bang You were suddenly (gasp) a star! All it took was a pound of makeup,a Dolce and Gabanna dress and BANGther's a "start" Well lil Gwen your15 minutes of fame are over Retire honey

Posted 15 years 8 months ago by Matthew Sedgwick

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