Conscious uncoupling or not, there may still be hope for Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin – in the friendship department, at least. Multiple sources, including Us Weekly, report that the pair looked completely at ease with one another, when they attended the premiere of Hector and the Search of Happiness on Monday, July 28, in East Hampton.

Gwyneth Paltrow
Post-separation, Patrow and Martin are keeping things civil and even friendly.

The former couple reportedly stuck together throughout the event and the afterparty.

According to the “observer,” quoted by Us Weekly (how creepy is that?) Paltrow entered the movie theater shortly after Martin and the two did not pose for any photos together. Still, Paltrow "was all smiles and joyful.” She introduced Hector star Simon Pegg as “my very dear friend and my daughter’s godfather.”

With Martin also seated in the crowd, Paltrow went on to say the family was "very proud" of Pegg. "He's the biggest movie star in our family," she concluded.

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At the cocktail party later in the evening, Us Weelky’s “observer” apparently kept a close eye on the proceedings and later reported “Paltrow mostly talked to party goers and was completely engrossed in conversation.”

Meanwhile, Martin hung out on the sidelines alongside Paltrow’s mother, Blithe Danner. In conclusion, apparently the split was just as amicable as the two made it out to be back in March.

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Chris Martin
Busy as usual, Paltrow and Martin didn't get to spend a lot of time together.