Gwyneth Paltrow bought her teenage son a ''boob puzzle''.

The 'Iron Man' actress has spent the lockdown period playing games and doing jigsaws with her husband Brad Falchuk and her kids Apple, 16, and 14-year-old Moses - who she has with former spouse Chris Martin - and she splashed out on a saucy way to pass the time for her youngest child.

Sharing a picture of the $40 450-piece jigsaw - which features illustrations by Julia Heffernan of breasts in all shapes and sizes - Gwyneth wrote in a 'Summer at Home' guide for her website Goop: ''There's been a lot of Trivial Pursuit happening at the house. And I got Moses the boob puzzle just for fun.''

While she doesn't have to travel for work because of the coronavirus pandemic, the 47-year-old star has taken the opportunity to do a week-long cleanse and be more careful with her eating habits.

She wrote: ''Because I'm not traveling, it's back to basics for the things that make me feel good: Ayurvedic eating for my dosha, intermittent fasting, and fresh, clean, nutrient-dense foods. I also gave myself a reset with Alejandro Junger's CLEAN7.

''Pro tip: If you're on a cleanse, take a date, split it in half, and spread almond butter on each side. If you've been cleansing, it tastes like a candy bar.''

Gwyneth isn't expecting to be taking a vacation any time soon, so has splashed out over $1,000 on a heat therapy mat.

Sharing a picture of her new buy, she wrote: ''A vacation doesn't seem to be in the cards this summer, so I invested in the Healthyline Gemstone Heat Therapy Mat mat, which makes me feel like I've been on a vacation for a week in about ten minutes thanks to the hot stones, far-infrared light, red light, pulsed electromagnetic fields, and negative ions.''