When Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announced their separation in March 2014, it was the couple’s choice of wording which made the most lasting impression. Saying the were ‘consciously uncoupling’, Paltrow is yet to live the phrase down, even though the pair managed to divorce on the best terms.

Gwyneth PaltrowGwyneth Paltrow has spoken about life after her divorce from Chris Martin.

Speaking to Matt Lauer on ‘Today’, Paltrow said: "I unwittingly created a whole sort of hoopla with my choice of words. It wasn't my words actually. I was sort of following a theory.” Both Paltrow and Martin are still close despite the divorce and continue to co-parent their two children.

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"He's like my brother. I'm really close to him," she said. "We're a family. Even though we're not in a romantic relationship, we're a true family and we like to do things to reinforce that we're a family for the children [and] for each other.”

"It was a very intense time for our family. Emotions were very high and deep and all over the place," Paltrow admitted about the time when the couple announced their split. "I just try to keep to myself as much as possible.”

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Last month Paltrow and children Moses and Apple attended the Superbowl to cheer on Martin and his band Coldplay during half-time. "They were thrilled. They were very proud,” Paltrow said of their children’s reaction to Coldplay’s performance.

"It's pretty incredible. It's also a little weird that your first football game is that, so how do you also counteract that and instill that life is not that all the time?” Paltrow has recently moved away form acting to focus on her lifestyle brand Goop, but she did say she’d ‘return to acting probably’ but just ‘not right now’.