Review of The Queen And I Single by Gym Class Heroes

Hailing from Geneva, New York, four piece Gym Class Heroes were formed in 1997 by high school friends. Blending indie and hip-hop, they're currently on the huge Warped Tour in America, and will perform in the UK in September. This single is taken from the forthcoming album "As Cruel As School Children".

Gym Class Heroes The Queen And I Single

Whilst it is said a book should not be judged by its cover, Gym Class Heroes is far from a cool band name, and just doesn't command any sort of respect. Thankfully their music is more inspiring – though not by much. "The Queen And I" mixes an upbeat groove with a quick acoustic melody that it's impossible not to get hooked in by. The rapping, however, is only marginally better than that of Vanilla Ice's, and make it impossible to see Gym Class Heroes being any more than a fad.

Alex Lai