Hailee Steinfeld has learned to love her beauty marks.

The 'Starving' singer has revealed the blemishes on her face would get Photoshopped for magazines and it made her feel like they were ''ugly'' - but she now embraces them.

She said: ''I would see the photos and the beauty marks on my face would get taken out of the image. I would see myself without them and think. Oh god, they're not beautiful. They're ugly.

''Now, I've learned to love these marks even if someone else classifies them as imperfections or not beautiful.''

The 23-year-old pop star and actress insisted she is always reminding herself how ''unique and special'' she is.

She explained: ''I tell myself that I am happy, to stand tall, and to smile. This makes me feel like I'm bringing out my best. You constantly have to remind yourself of how unique, beautiful, and special you are.''

Meanwhile, Hailee revealed her skin is ''psychotically sensitive'' so she keeps her skincare routine to a minimum, but one of her top products is the Noni Glow Sleeping Mask by KORA Organics.

She added to Women's Health: ''I feel like my skin is psychotically sensitive - so my beauty routine consists of very few products and products with natural ingredients. This is a super lightweight gel mask that leaves skin super glowy and smooth. When I saw this mask was a 'sleeping mask,' I was like no way, because if I put something on my skin for just four minutes it's game over. I tried this and it's actually my favourite thing in the world. I was literally receiving compliments on my skin over FaceTime - that's when you know this stuff is working. ''

The 'Bumblebee' star recently insisted she ''cares a lot'' about her self-care and skincare routine and makes sure she uses natural products.

She said: ''Working out five, six days a week. I find that it's truly the only thing that keeps my mental health in check.

''And luckily, I have my dad, who is the best personal trainer in the game. Of course, I never go to sleep with makeup on my face; I make sure my skin routine is intact. That's something that I care a lot about. I love using products that are natural, that have natural ingredients, that don't have a lot of ingredients.''