Haim have hailed Stevie Nicks ''the best human on this planet''.

The pop rock band - comprised of sisters Este, Alana and Danielle Haim - were tipped by the Fleetwood Mac legend to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, not once but twice, and Alana has admitted it was the ''biggest compliment'' to receive.

She said: ''The fact that she supports us so much that she thinks we could be in the Hall of Fame not just once but twice is the biggest compliment.

''She's literally the best human on this planet. I mean, right now, we're a band and who f****** knows what's going to happen in the future. But, for now, I'm very happy in this band moment that we're in.''

The 'I Know Alone' hitmakers - who were due to headline Latitude Festival in the UK this summer, before Covid-19 hit - also admitted it's ''crazy'' that female acts aren't being snapped up for festivals because ''women make the best rock music''.

Alana said: ''I mean ... it's like all these festivals, it shouldn't even be a question.

''Why is it even a thing? Book women. Just do it.''

And Este added to NME: ''It really is kind of laughable, right? That it's even a thing. It's crazy. I think women make the best rock music. ''There, I said it!''

During her acceptance speech at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony last year, Stevie called out the lack of women being inducted and said she wants to make sure Haim and other women get the honour in their prime.

The 72-year-old 'Go Your Own Way' singer said: ''For me to tell you a story from my heart, about what this means to me, is very hard ... because this has never happened to me before. [It's only happened for] 22 men and four - zero women, and now one woman.

''[Now] I'm like, 'Hey man, I can do it!' Now I'm telling all my friends. The girls in Haim? I'm like, 'Okay you guys, you gotta really get it together now. One of you needs to step away. And don't break up your band, just do an album so you have it. Because it's gonna take 20 years before you get in! So you'll already be like, 60.' Again, this is the problem of getting in. I started Bella Donna in 1979. I had been in Fleetwood Mac for not even four years, more like three-and-a-half years... This is a hard thing to do. Because you have to - the times are different. It's like - it's going to be hard, But I know there's somebody out there that will be able to do it because I'm going to give you all the directions and I'll do enough interviews and say what to do.''