Haim's new song 'I Know Alone' was eerily written pre-pandemic.

The band of sisters - comprised of Alana, Danielle and Este Haim - dropped the new song from their upcoming LP, 'Women in Music Pt. III', overnight and despite being penned about Danielle finding her normal routine ''comforting'' when she's alone, the dance number couldn't be more pertinent during the Covid-19 crisis when many are having to self-isolate on their own.

On the inspiration behind the new track, Danielle told Zane Lowe on his Apple Music show: ''I think the song, for me, and when we were writing it, it was almost like finding comfort in being alone and having your routine when you are alone.

''And it's so weird that we wrote this such a long time ago and it resembles what's going on today.

''But for me, when I just want to be left alone, I find comfort in my every day routine.

''And it almost feels like that's what's comforting to me.

''And that's what we wanted the song to sound like, eerie but has a beat that you can dance to.''

Due to the pandemic, the girls' third studio album has been delayed until June 26, as the 'Want You Back' hitmakers didn't feel it was ''appropriate'' to put out music during this time, but they just really wanted to get it out there for their fans.

Alana explained: ''Things were changing so quickly that when we were supposed to put out our record, it just didn't feel like an appropriate time to do so.

''So, we ended up moving our release date to later this summer.

''And now that it feels like we've settled into this weird quarantine new normal life, we really just want to put it out and we're going to give you 'Women In Music Pt. III' on June 26th.

''And there's going to be more surprises from now until then, but it's coming out June 26th, 'Women In Music Part Three', and I'm so excited.''