Haim can never play at Coachella festival.

The girl group - comprising of sisters Alana, Este and Danielle Haim - also play in a family band with their parents, Rockinhaim, and one of the shows they are committed to with that band clashes with the huge Californian festival, held each April.

Danielle explained to GQ magazine: ''We play this one gig - a church fete - every year, and it's the same date as Coachella. ''When I was 17 I said to my parents, 'Radiohead is playing Coachella this year - I'm going.' And my parents didn't let me.

''I just bawled. My friends said, 'Why the f**k don't you just run away?' I was like, 'You haven't met my parents!' ''

Despite their parents sometimes interfering, the sisters like the fact they are all related, as they believe it gives them a ''secret power'' making it easier than playing with other people, as they naturally pre-empt each other's moves.

Danielle said: ''It's not magic, it's just when you live in close quarters, you figure out every single thing about the other person. You know exactly where they're gonna go next, musically. It's definitely a secret power.''

While they may have been ruled out of Coachella for a long time, there may be hope for the girls, as in 2012 and 2013 the festival has been held over two weekends, so perhaps they could strike a deal to appear at just one.