Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time of giving thanks, not throwing punches. Unfortunately, the holidays bring the worst out of all families, whether you're stinking rich and famous, or one of us mere mortals.

For Halle Berry and her family, it meant that two people were hospitalised. Berry's current fiancée Olivier Martinez and her ex, the father of her daughter, Gabriel Aubry, got into a raging row that meant they both spent thanksgiving in hospital, and later, the police station. Halle has been trying to relocate to France with her French beau, but the courts have denied that custodian privilege, ordering that her daughter, Nahla, must stay in the States to be near her father, according to TMZ.

Apparently, it was this ongoing dispute that started the row. However, since Aubry has now been arrested, there are fears that Berry will use that against him if custody rights of Nahla end up in court again. Entertainment Wise reported that Nahla was at the forefront of Halle's mind all day yesterday, trying to protect her from the brutality of the fight, as well as it's papparazzi aftermath. "[Nahla] doesn't know anything about this can you please not say a word, a child is involved, she needs to be protected." She told the photographers lingering outside. When one of them still kept his voice raised, one of Berry's employees stepped in, and with a little less grace, but to greater effect, said: "Nahla's here, she doesn't know a damn thing, just be quiet. Take the picture and shut up."

Both Aubrey and Martinez are out of jail now, but apparently, Aubrey had a $20k bail bill on his head before being released.