What's your worst fear? Being attacked in the street by a mad axeman? Being burgled in the dead of night by armed raiders? How about being chased by a giant spider on your way to your evening gym session? You might think that's unlikely, but it fooled these guys!

Chica the dog in 'Mutant Giant Spider Dog'
Chica seems unfazed by his creepy costume

A Polish prank genius by the name of Sylwester Wardega has teamed up with his pet pooch Chica in a bid to pull off the ultimate terrifying trick on unsuspecting passers-by. Dressing him up in a rather realistic (at first sight) tarantula costume (which probably cost Wardega painfully little considering how much fun he managed to get out of it) and littering various dark corners of the town with makeshift cobwebs and bloody body parts, this mischief merchant set up hidden cameras in order to capture the priceless reactions of unwitting victims. 

Watch the 'Mutant Giant Spider Dog' prank video here:

The people in the video, entitled 'Mutant Giant Spider Dog', are at first left befuddled by the mass of unconvincing sticky web stuff and jokeshop props, but it doesn't take long to convince them that they have stumbled across a monster the likes of which could've appeared in 'Arachnophobia', and they run away screaming louder then they probably have ever screamed before. Poor Chica, unaware of his new outfit, must've been wondering why on Earth people were so frightened of him suddenly.

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The video has seen 3,365,570 views (and growing!) since it appeared on YouTube yesterday (September 4 2014). We here at Contactmusic love laughing at the unfortunate victims of viral masterpieces; from this year alone we're particularly remembering the 'Walking Dead' promotional prank featuring zombies in Manhattan, the telekinesis in the coffee shop trick for 'Carrie' and the 'Devil's Due' viral featuring a terrifying devil baby in a pushchair.

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But it's really going to take a lot to top Wardega's 'Mutant Giant Spider Dog'. Fans (i.e. EVERYONE who's watched the video) can share the love on the arachnicanine fan page on Facebook.

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