It's just what the world was crying out for  the Happy Mondays are the latest band to jump on the 'reunion bandwagon' and reform.

The early 90s Manchester band, who had hits with STEP ON and KINKY AFRO, made stars out of lead singer Shaun Ryder and maraca-shaker BEZ, who has since moved on to bigger and better things by winning CELEBRITY Big Brother in 2005.

HAPPY MONDAYS were at the top of the Madchester scene in the late 80s and early 90s, alongside THE Stone Roses, with bands such as Oasis and THE VERVE taking their lead from the "in your face" style of the indie scene.

But the band split in the early 90s, with BEZ and Ryder going on to form BLACK GRAPE, but Ryder's long-term drug addiction has always been a problem.

However, a spokesman for the new tour has explained to the BBC that Ryder has found "a new kind of high in the form of exercise".

He added: "Despite this new-found lifestyle Shaun's lyrics remain true to the title of modern-day poet, still displaying street savvy and cartoon lyrics delivered in the true deviant style his fans love him for."

27/03/2007 16:38:21