Footage has surfaced from Harrison Ford's recent piloting incident, showing just how close the actor came to colliding with a passenger jet as he landed on a prohibited taxiway at John Wayne Airport just over a week ago after mistaking it for his scheduled runway.

Harrison FordHarrison Ford's plane near-crash caught on tape

The clip shows Harrison's bright yellow private plane speeding towards the runway at the Orange County airport as an American Airlines 737 was still moving on the ground. According to TMZ who obtained the footage, the video is to be the central evidence of the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) investigation into the safety breach. The video doesn't show Harrison's landing; a source told the publication that 'Ford had misjudged the runway and banked sharply before landing on the taxiway'.

It wasn't just the actor's life at stake in this incident, however; according to the FAA, he could be facing some serious penalties for his misjudgement including suspension of his pilot license, something that took him a great deal of time and money to earn back in the 90s.

The near-crash occurred when air traffic controllers instructed him to land on runway 20-L, but despite the fact that he appeared to understand the commands (and repeated them back), he ended up veering towards a taxiway where the AA Flight 1456 carrying 116 passengers and crew was scheduled to land.

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Harrison has had problems with planes before. In 2015 he performed an emergency crash landing on a golf course in Santa Monica after the engine of his World War 2 plane failed unexpectedly. While he was still training in 1999, he broke a helicopter beyond repair when he misjudged the altitude of the helicopter he was flying. Certainly to this point, Harrison Ford has still managed to avoid causing himself or anyone else an injury during his time as a pilot.