Harry Judd colour co-ordinates his T-shirts.

The McBusted drummer is obsessed with making sure his clothing is perfectly organised in his drawers at home and knows his wife Izzy is his ideal woman because she loves helping him with his bizarre passion.

He said: ''Sharing your life with someone, the unexplainable connection.

''Izzy and I are happiest when we are just at home together. Last night I was colour-coordinating my T-shirts into my drawers and Izzy was like, 'What drawer should that go in?' And then, 'This is why I love you!' We're made for each other.''

The 28-year-old musician insists he knew immediately that he was going to be with violinist Izzy - who he started dating in 2005 - for the rest of his life as soon as he met the 29-year-old beauty.

When asked by OK! magazine how he knew that he'd met The One, he replied: ''Well, for me I was lucky - it was straight away.

''The first time Izzy came over to my house and I opened the door to her, we just smiled at each other and it felt like we'd known each other forever.''