Harry Judd is worried about keeping his house tidy when his baby arrives.

The McBusted drummer and wife Izzy are expecting their first child together and he admits he is struggling to cope with the idea of the chaos and clutter which a newborn brings, but is hoping he relaxes once the little one arrives.

He said: ''I'm obsessive. Sometimes I can't leave the house without knowing its tidy.

''I'm trying to think of neat ways to store the toys.

''But I'm sure once the baby arrives, I won't care as much. Being a good dad will be my only concern.''

The 'Star Girl' hitmaker is looking to his bandmates Tom Fletcher, who has 16-month-old son Buzz with wife Giovanna, and Matt Willis, who has kids Isabelle, six, and Ace, three, with spouse Emma, for parenting inspiration and advice.

He said: ''Tom and Matt have been giving me tips. I see how they're both so committed to being dads.

''What's impressive is that Tom is so dedicated to family life and will do promo work with the band on only a few hours sleep. He and his wife are a partnership with their son.

''He hasn't changed and he's never grumpy, which is something I hope to be like.''

Harry turns 30 in December - a month before his baby is due - and is ''freaking out'' about reaching the milestone.

He told Closer magazine: ''Turning 30 is slightly freaking me out, but it feels like a milestone.

''You feel like you should be an adult at 30, but I'm about to become a dad, so that'll make me feel like a grown-up.''