Harry Judd and Tom Fletcher have turned into ''old men'' since getting married.

The McFly stars have become ''anti rock stars'' since tying the knot with their long-term sweethearts last year and have turned their back on wild parties in favour of gardening, knitting and watching TV dramas.

Asked how married life was treating him, Harry enthused: ''I love it! It suits me and Tom down to a T. We're like old men really. Me and Tom get excited about 'Downton Abbey' and Tom takes it a step further and does so many uncool things - he knits a scarf, or something like that.

''We're pretty lame to be honest. We're the anti rock stars! I love gardening, I absolutely love it.''

Harry became the second member of McFly to walk down the aisle in December when he wed Izzy Johnston, while Tom and Giovanna Falcone got hitched last summer.

Despite their decidedly ''uncool'' pastimes, Harry claims the duo were never as wild as their bandmates Danny Jones and Dougie Poynter and have always preferred to be at home with their partners.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz at the thank you party for the Royal Albert Hall Teenage Cancer Trust concerts on Wednesday (10.04.13), Harry explained: ''It's always been like that, we've never been allowed to go out! We all have our place in the band. Things change over the years, life changes.

''When you're young and you don't have a girlfriend you party more but we've always just liked to be in relationships.''

Harry also revealed he has gone on a health kick since discovering he has an ectopic heartbeat - which is also known as a 'wandering pacemaker' - cutting out calorific snacks and easing his training schedule for the forthcoming London Marathon.

He explained: ''I've cut out sugar and stuff from my diet and I've really been healthy about eating so it's not as bad. I've had to chill out a bit with the high intensity training.''

The party - which was hosted for free by London's exclusive Groucho club - was also attended by Eddie Redmayne, Blue and Noisettes singer Shingai Shoniwa.