Harry Potter Fun Facts, Quotes and Tweets

2nd June 2015

Fact: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park is heading to Los Angeles - bosses at Universal Studios Hollywood announced on Tuesday (02Jun15) that fans can visit the boy wizard's magical world starting in the spring of 2016. The new attraction will feature a 3D flight simulator called Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, an outdoor roller coaster, and a number of Potter-inspired eateries and stores. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter first opened in Universal Studios Orlando in 2010, followed by a location at Universal Studios Japan, which launched last year (14).

13th March 2015

Quote: "I sing, so that’s really unexpected. I’ve never had to do that for a film before, and I think people will be interested to see me do something very different like that. It gives me a different challenge, really. That’s terrifying in and of itself." Harry Potter star Emma Watson is hoping to hit the high notes in her new film Beauty & the Beast.

8th March 2015

Fact: Harry Potter star Rupert Grint reunited with his movie siblings Bonnie Wright and James Phelps in Los Angeles on Friday (06Mar15) as they met up with co-star Tom Felton for a night out. Phelps shared a photo of the "mini family reunion" on Instagram.com on Saturday (07Mar15). The former child actors have remained close since the boy wizard franchise wrapped in 2011.

17th February 2015

Quote: "If it came to it that I was offered that sort of deal, I want to say I'd consider it but I'd probably jump at the chance, absolutely! I'm not itching, just yet, but I’d absolutely, definitely consider it, and love to be considered for it." Harry Potter star Matthew Lewis would be open to revisiting the wizarding world for a spin-off series, based on his bumbling Neville Longbottom character.

8th November 2014

Quote: "I love directing actors. I think I would be really good at that because I’ve seen some people do it really well and some people do it really badly. I’ve been on the end of some really bad direction and later been like, 'Now I know why that wasn’t good and what I would have done differently'. I would definitely like to do that." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe would love to direct.

29th October 2014

Quote: "I'm egalitarian for everything... I have been asked so many times... I mean, it's odd that men are assumed to be not feminist until they are... It's a good thing, obviously, that it's being talked about, but yeah, I'm for equality for everyone, regardless of anything." Daniel Radcliffe insists he stands behind his Harry Potter co-star Emma Watson, who rallied feminists all over the world with her stirring commentary on women's rights and equal pay at the HeForShe campaign against gender inequality launch in New York last month (Sep14).

17th October 2014

Fact: Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling will soon be building a replica of Hagrid's hut in her Scottish garden. Planning authorities have approved the construction of the stone summerhouse, which will be circular with a slate roof, much like the home of Potter's half-giant pal Hagrid. The structure will be built on her estate in Perthshire, Scotland.

11th August 2014

Quote: "I'm going out with my best friend at the moment. And that's, I think, the way it should be... My mum and dad were best friends before they started dating, and now they've been married for 30-something years. So, I think it is a very natural thing. If you can get to a point where you're dating or married to somebody you consider your best friend, that's what will make it work." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe opens up about his romance with his Kill Your Darlings co-star Erin Darke.

8th August 2014

Quote: "I was very sceptical about them doing a theme park of it, but then I went to the theme park and it genuinely is really cool. Apart from the snow in Florida, it all looks perfect." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is a big fan of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park at Universal Orlando in Florida.

23rd July 2014

Quote: "I'm one of the few people who seem to have had a really good first time. It was with somebody I'd gotten to know well. But it wasn't as horrendously embarrassing as a lot of other people's were, like my friend who got drunk and did it with a stranger under a bridge." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, who turned 25 on Wednesday (23Jul14), on losing his virginity.

16th July 2014

Quote: "Maybe because I'm an only child, I love the idea of lots of kids. But it will depend to a large part on who I end up having kids with. I think men would be a lot less excited about having kids if we had to actually do it!" Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is eager to have a big family.

8th July 2014

Fact: Harry Potter star Emma Watson and Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence showed off their playful sides at the Dior Fashion Show in Paris, France on Monday (07Jul14) by acting silly in front of photographers. The pair laughed as Lawrence pretended to swipe Watson in the face at the stylish event.

10th June 2014

Fact: Actor Miles Teller is in talks to reteam with his Whiplash director Damien Chazelle for the La La Land musical. Harry Potter star Emma Watson is also in negotiations to take on the female lead in the movie, about two aspiring artists who fall in love in Los Angeles while trying to find fame.

28th May 2014

Tweet: "Thank You @DrMayaAngelou. We will savour your life and words forever. We love you deeply." Harry Potter star Emma Watson remembers one of her favourite authors/poets, who passed away on Wednesday (28May14).

31st March 2014

Quote: "I will be there and I will be throwing a huge party and getting very drunk." Harry Potter actress Emma Watson on her plans to celebrate her graduation from Brown University.

25th March 2014

Quote: "I guess everyone in their Freshman year is kind of nervous and figuring it all out. I think people kind of took pity on me. Like, 'She's English, she doesn't really know where she's going'... Brown kids were actually weirdly protective of me, in situations around Providence (Rhode Island). They kind of saw it as their role to help me have that experience somehow. They kind of got it." Harry Potter star Emma Watson on her fellow classmates at Brown University in America. The actress graduates in May (14).

6th March 2014

Fact: Harry Potter star Mark Williams is swapping Quidditch for quizzes - he's set to front new show The Link on the Bbc.

28th February 2014

Quote: "There are some very good examples out there of productions that have taken very good care of their kids. Harry Potter is the most extraordinary example of them. How (they) kept those three kids sane, the parents in the infrastructure over that extended period of time, with that kind of spotlight on that? Extraordinary." British director Danny Boyle was impressed with the way Harry Potter bosses looked after the franchise's young stars.

28th February 2014

Quote: "I would love to do a show with Rupert... We'd be silly to do it any time soon, we're both forging our own paths at the moment. I think at the moment were we to work together it would become about that, about those people Harry Potter characters being reunited, rather than about the show." Daniel Radcliffe on working with Harry Potter co-star Rupert Grint in a play.

20th February 2014

Quote: "If there was an award for the worst sex scene of the year, I'm sure we'd get it because it's pretty horrendous." Harry Potter star Tom Felton insists his first movie sex scene in new period movie In Secret is one he'd rather forget.

20th February 2014

Quote: "I have been mistaken (for him) a couple of times. There was a Christmas party this year where a rather merry gentleman threw his arms around me and went on to tell me how much a fan of my work he was... and finally, after 20 minutes, he called me Jesse, and by that point I was too deep to correct the guy, so I was throwing out, 'Yo b**ches!'" Harry Potter bad boy Tom Felton on his likeness to Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul.

17th February 2014

Fact: Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is refusing to give up writing under her pseudonym Robert Galbraith despite the fact her new identity was leaked by a lawyer last year (13) - she will release the follow up to crime novel The Cuckoo's Calling in June (14). The Silkworm will be her second release as Galbraith.

7th February 2014

Quote: "I feel like I've been given a lot of credit where it isn't due that I don't like to party. The truth is that I'm genuinely a shy, socially awkward, introverted person. At a big party, I'm like Bambie in the headlights. It's too much stimulation for me, which is why I end up going to the bathroom! I need time outs! I get anxious. I'm terrible at small talk and I have a ridiculously short attention span." Harry Potter actress Emma Watson reveals why she isn't keen on going to parties.

6th December 2013

Quote: "A lot of people say I would love it but I just love filming and I love my job and it would mean taking time out of that. There may come a time when I don't like my job as much but I can't see that happening." Daniel Radcliffe is adamant he will not be following his Harry Potter co-star Emma Watson's lead by taking time out to attend university.

21st November 2013

Quote: "People always say to me, 'Do you feel like you missed out on a childhood? Do you feel like you had your childhood taken away?' And I'm like: 'No, what a ridiculous (question)... kids who are abused have their childhoods taken away from them'." Former child star Daniel Radcliffe is baffled by questions about his time growing up while filming the Harry Potter series.

13th November 2013

Fact: Harry Potter director David Heyman has signed on to bring video game Temple Run to the big screen. The fast-paced game, which has become a bestselling app, revolves around an explorer who is forced to run for his life after stealing an ancient idol from a temple.

12th November 2013

Quote: "What I've found is that, and I can't speak for Rupert (Grint) or Emma (Watson), but the fervour around me has actually increased since the end of Potter. Now I'm out doing press and this and that - in Venice, just gone, it was insane. At one point I was chased to the toilet by 500 people!" Daniel Radcliffe claims his level of fame has increased since the end of the hugely successful Harry Potter series, revealing he was mobbed at the Venice Film Festival in September (13).

4th November 2013

Quote: "I suppose when you do Equus when you're 17 it does make you very kind of unshockable, when it comes to all this performing sex scenes - gay or straight. The first one I ever did was with a horse." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is surprisingly comfortable when it comes to playing out intimate scenes on-screen or onstage.

10th October 2013

Quote: "Helen Mirren, because she's awesome! She's a great actress and super sexy. I've met her a few times, and she happens to be lovely." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe would love to have an onscreen fling with the veteran British actress.

30th September 2013

Quote: "Rupert was meant to see The Cripple of Inishmaan but he got a flat tyre on the way into London! But I'm hopefully see him in Mojo because he starts his play soon." Daniel Radcliffe is looking forward to catching up with his former Harry Potter co-star Rupert Grint after car trouble kept the 25 year old from checking out his pal's turn in London play The Cripple Of Inishmaan this summer (13).

15th September 2013

Tweet: "I'm still alive. To the blonde girl chasing with a sign around 11 miles - thank you! Made... me laugh." Harry Potter star Matthew Lewis completed Britain's most famous half-marathon, The Great North Run, on Sunday (15Sep13).

9th September 2013

Quote: "It was just like, oh God, cringe! It was stuff like, 'Hi guys. I hope you're having a great weekend. I hope the weather's great!' Just so boring. I thought, 'Oh my God, everyone knows this isn't me - and if they don't, that's even worse!' So I said, 'Ok, everyone stop! I'll take it over instead.'" Former Harry Potter star Emma Watson took over her Twitter.com page because she was sick of her team's tedious tweets.

25th August 2013

Quote: "I jumped out of an aeroplane - it was free falling. I'm still shaking and it was weeks ago." Harry Potter star Jason Isaacs celebrated turning 50 years old on 6 June (13) with a daredevil day out.

8th August 2013

Tweet: "Nearly got out my scissors this morning after seeing @Beyonce's pixie cut. I only just managed to restrain myself. Close call though." Harry Potter star Emma Watson felt an urge to return to her short crop after the pop superstar showed off her new look in a photo she posted on Instagram.com.

5th July 2013

Quote: "It was when I was seven or eight. I wanted to be Emma Bunton. She was so, so cute. I had a friend called Ellie and we would fight because she had blonde hair. So she thought she should get to be Emma and I said my name was Emma. This went on for months." Harry Potter star Emma Watson was a huge fan of the Spice Girls as a child.

27th June 2013

Tweet: "I always wondered what it'd be like to have nearly half a million people wish you happy birthday at once. Mental. Thanks very much for that! By the time I get through reading all of this it probably won't be my birthday anymore." Harry Potter star Matthew Lewis thanks fans for their well wishes as he turns 24 years old on Thursday (27Jun13).

25th June 2013

Quote: "We made a mistake early on. We went to Daniel Radcliffe a year-and-a-half before we were ready with a paltry role that wasn't thought out well enough. We kind of got over-eager with that one. We regrouped, wrote an actual movie that was good... He rejected us." Producer Evan Goldberg reveals the Harry Potter actor snubbed a part in new all-star apocalyptic comedy This Is The End.

19th June 2013

Quote: "Film sets have such a bad reputation for being places to grow up. It is such a huge part of the person I am today. Being on film sets and having to work in that environment and having to become a member of that team at a young age has been such a huge influence on my character in a really positive way that I want to prove that it's safe to let your kids go on film sets." Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe wants to smash the stigma attached to child stars.

14th June 2013

Fact: Harry Potter filmmaker David Yates has taken over from Ang Lee to direct new Tv drama series Tyrant. The Life of Pi Oscar-winner quit the Fx network project, about an American family pulled into a Middle Eastern conflict, last month (May13).

24th May 2013

Quote: "It is daunting. I am nervous. But for any type of performance you turn that nervous energy into adrenaline and excitement. I think it will be difficult. I will be in much deeper water than I have ever been, but I'm very excited about the challenge. No actress wants to be comfortable." Harry Potter star Bonnie Wright is terrified ahead of her London stage debut in The Moment of Truth next month (Jun13).

23rd May 2013

Fact: Harry Potter actress Bonnie Wright is set to make her stage debut in a London production of Peter Ustinov's The Moment of Truth. The show will run for four weeks, beginning on 26 June (13), at the Southwark Playhouse.

17th May 2013

Quote: "Someone stole, like, a million pounds' worth of Chopard jewellery from Cannes? I promise it wasn't me! It's crazy. That's really, really weird... I promise I'm innocent! I promise I had nothing to do with it! I went nowhere near the suites. I can have someone vouch for my whereabouts at the time of the robbery!" Harry Potter star Emma Watson, the star of new heist movie The Bling Ring, insists she had nothing to do with the Chopard jewellery theft at the Cannes Film Festival.

15th May 2013

Fact: Harry Potter star Emma Watson's The Bling Ring co-star Maika Monroe was a professional kiteboarder before she turned her attentions to acting.

5th April 2013

Quote: "I'm a young person and there are expensive things I can buy but a lot of them are for older women. If I'm 20 year old wearing (Italian brand) Salvatore Ferragamo from head to toe, I look pretty odd. So I still buy a lot of high street clothes, not because I choose to buy something cheap but because I want to look like a young person... My friends are all at university right? So it instantly makes me different if I trot up with a (designer item)." Harry Potter star Emma Watson avoids designer labels so she can blend in with her friends.

26th March 2013

Fact: Harry Potter actress Emma Watson has become the latest star to be immortalised with a waxwork at London's Madame Tussauds attraction. The figure was unveiled on Tuesday (26Mar13).

1st March 2013

Fact: Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is in final negotiations to play Dr. Frankenstein's creepy assistant Igor in Paul MCGuigan's revamp of Mary Shelley's classic monster tale.

25th February 2013

Quote: "If I actually had made eye contact with Daniel Day-Lewis in the front row I think I might have just crumbled into a pile of dust... It was terrifying... You just sort of try to ignore the fact that they're (peers) all there." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe desperately tried to block out all the stars staring at him as he performed his song-and-dance routine at the Oscars.

18th February 2013

Tweet: "I just dropped my iPhone in my soup. I think it might be time to tone down the multitasking." Harry Potter star Emma Watson suffers a cell phone disaster.

17th December 2012

Fact: British actor Warwick Davis is set to show off his cooking skills for charity - the Harry Potter star will take part in a special celebrity edition of U.K. Tv show The Great British Bake-Off for the Comic Relief organisation next year (13).

27th November 2012

Quote: "I used to fancy Emma a great deal when I was a kid. But I wouldn't say we had a 'thing'. I don't know where Rupert's got that from." British actor Matthew Lewis plays down Harry Potter co-star Rupert Grint's claims he enjoyed a fling with actress Emma Watson during their time filming the wizard franchise.

26th November 2012

Quote: "I hear things said, but I don't know if any of them are true. And I never want to seem ungrateful for it all, but the money is not a motivating factor in my life." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has no idea how much money he is worth.

30th October 2012

Fact: Actor Benedict Cumberbatch, Harry Potter star Emma Watson and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge's sister Pippa Middleton are among the famous faces who have been included on Tatler magazine's Little Black Book List, a rundown of the most eligible celebrities.

27th September 2012

Quote: "I shudder to think what will happen to teenagers born into that kind of situation, or living in that kind of situation right now, what their future will hold because it does seem that the poverty trap is shut just as tightly as ever it was." Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling fears for young people growing up in Britain during the recession.

26th September 2012

Quote: "If people hate it, I will suck that up, as my teenage daughter would say. I'd be lying if I said, 'No, I don't care'. Of course I care. But I had the most amazing experience with Harry that will stay with me forever. I don't feel I have to chase that, I had that. Literature is subjective, some will like it, and some won't." Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is philosophical about the potential reaction to her first adult novel, The Casual Vacancy, which is released on Thursday (27Sep12).

21st September 2012

Fact: The home where author J.K. Rowling penned a couple of volumes of her Harry Potter book series has been put on the market. The sprawling eight-bedroom house in Edinburgh, Scotland is listed for $3.7 million (Gbp2.3 million).

11th September 2012

Tweet: "Apparently I'm 'dangerous!' I can't do anything to stop these people, so please take care and only go to official sources". Harry Potter star Emma Watson reacts to reports she has become a top target for Internet pranksters. A new poll by online security company MCAfee Inc. suggests fans checking out details and stories about her online Internet are most likely to pick up computer viruses.

23rd August 2012

Quote: "Finding our 'Harry Potter' films un-Christian, people think I need to be guided and send me copies of the Bible. I have a collection of 20." Harry Potter star Emma Watson has received some unusual gifts thanks to her lead role in the boy wizard series.

31st July 2012

Fact: Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is set to launch her own reading club for kids this autumn (12). The British novelist's discussion group will include guides, a glossary, original commentary, and interactive features about the popular boy wizard book series.

24th July 2012

Tweet: "Big thanks to Leeds Metropolitan University for today. Everybody was charming. Congrats to all graduates who actually deserve their degrees!" Harry Potter star Matthew Lewis doesn't feel like he deserves his honorary Master of Arts degree after collecting the academic award from school officials in Leeds, England on Tuesday (24Jul12).

17th July 2012

Fact: Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Dano's actress girlfriend Zoe Kazan are to play lovers in director Michael Dowse's quirky new romance comedy, The F Word.

11th July 2012

Quote: "It's serial numbered and your name is watermarked (on) each copy... and the pages are red, so you can't photocopy them... They do the same thing with Harry Potter, yet everyone's read the books." Gary Oldman on the efforts taken to keep the Batman and Harry Potter scripts from leaking.

3rd July 2012

Tweet: "My kids are flipping out that I'm going to work with Hermoine (sic)." Action man Russell Crowe has impressed his kids by signing up to work with Harry Potter star Emma Watson in upcoming drama Noah, which is based on the biblical Noah's Ark tale.

24th June 2012

Fact: Harry Potter star Emma Watson stunned passers-by in London on Friday (22Jun12) as she walked her dog - which had had its hair dyed bright pink. According to Britain's Mail on Sunday, the actress' bichon frise had undergone a $144 (£90) dye-job at the U.K. capital's Groom Dog City to turn it a bubblegum pink colour.

10th June 2012

Fact: Harry Potter star John Hurt is to make his Los Angeles stage debut during the Kirk Douglas Theatre's 2012-13 season. The British actor will transfer with Samuel Beckett's play Krapp's Last Tape, which has been a hit at the Gate Theatre in Dublin, Ireland.

28th May 2012

Tweet: "Got recognised by someone from Jamaica. Didn't know we had many fans there. I then realised he thought I was Tom Felton." McFly star Tom Fletcher found himself mistaken for the Harry Potter actor while on vacation.

18th May 2012

Tweet: "Huge congratulations to you and your lovely other half! So happy for you both and glad the sun was shining on such a special day." Harry Potter star Tom Felton congratulates McFly singer Tom Fletcher on his wedding to longtime girlfriend Giovanna Falcone last weekend (12May12).

16th April 2012

Fact: Former Harry Potter star Emma Watson celebrated her 22nd birthday on Sunday (15Apr12) by partying with boyfriend Will Adamovicz at the Coachella festival in California.

2nd April 2012

Quote: "People laugh when I say this but I would love to play Britney Spears in a movie. She's complicated and I just relate to her... Britney is rich and cool and beautiful, but has also shown her vulnerable side and had a breakdown in front of the whole world. That takes strength and bravery to do that. I just think she's more complicated than people think." Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch on her dream role.

2nd April 2012

Fact: Harry Potter actor Jason Isaacs has signed up to play in the star-studded Soccer Aid 2012 charity showdown in England on 27 May (12). He says, "My best hope is to take a couple of them out of the game before I'm stretchered off myself. It's for a great cause, how wrong can that be?"

31st March 2012

Quote: "I get a lot of pyjamas. It's a theme and I don't know why. A lot are Oriental-style ones." Harry Potter's Rupert Grint is bombarded with nightwear by his fans.

28th February 2012

Fact: Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe's ghost movie The Woman In Black has become his native Britain's highest-grossing horror film. The film has made upwards of $23 million (£14.3 million) at the U.K. box office and almost $80 million (£50 million) globally since its release earlier this month (Feb12).

17th February 2012

Quote: "It was a uniquely nerve-wracking experience. It was lovely but at the end of it, I did have to ask, 'Have I passed?' We are still going out so I guess it was all OK." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe on meeting his girlfriend Rosie's parents for the first time.

15th February 2012

Fact: Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe showed off a bizarre party trick during a recent appearance on Spanish Tv - the actor stunned fans by folding his tongue in three different ways.

10th February 2012

Fact: Harry Potter villain Tom Felton and Elizabeth Olsen are in talks to play husband and wife in a new movie adaptation of Emile Zola's classic novel Therese Raquin. Oscar nominee Glenn Close has already signed on to play the mother of Olsen's titular character.

3rd February 2012

Tweet: "Saw woman in black yesterday. Can't remember the last time I was on the edge of my seat like that! Great movie. Go See it #goradcliffe" Tom Felton is a big fan of his Harry Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe's new supernatural thriller, The Woman In Black.

3rd February 2012

Fact: Funnyman David Walliams has been tipped for a top literacy award in his native U.K. - his book Mr Stink is in the running for the title of best children's novel of the last decade. The Little Britain star will go up against authors including J.K. Rowling, whose book Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix was also named on the shortlist. The winner will be announced next month (Mar11).

22nd January 2012

Quote: "I'm just going to put out there, Emma and I text all the time but Rupert and I never text each other, we never see each other. If I see him every six months or so, it's a friendly 'hello, how's things with you' but that's about it." Daniel Radcliffe has not remained close to his Harry Potter co-star Rupert Grint since the wizard film franchise ended last year (11).

30th December 2011

Quote: "I have heard my face is on toilet paper, which is really not pleasant. I haven't seen it and I don't know if that is much of a compliment!" Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe on the hit movie franchise's popular merchandise.

21st December 2011

Quote: "Whenever I hear people talk about the Potter kids as if we are not going to be able to make it out of the series, that really lights a fire under me." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is fuelled by his critics.

21st December 2011

Quote: "I always like the celebs coming. I've always been a bit like that." Sir Paul McCartney loves his star-studded following. Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling and British comedian Peter Kay were among the celebrity fans in the audience at his show in his native Liverpool, England on Tuesday night (20Dec11).

19th December 2011

Fact: Michael Buble puckered up to kiss comedy actress Dawn French during his U.K. TV special Home For Christmas on Sunday (18Dec11). The Harry Potter star was wearing a headpiece made of mistletoe.

9th December 2011

Quote: "Be true to who you are and do the best to feel comfortable in your own skin. You are all right exactly as you are." Harry Potter star Emma Watson offers words of wisdom to her teenage fans.

9th December 2011

Fact: Gary Oldman has interviewed his Harry Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe for a magazine piece that marks the young actor's Entertainment Weekly Entertainer of the Year honour.

8th December 2011

Fact: Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has been named Entertainer of the Year by the editors of U.S. publication Entertainment Weekly.

9th November 2011

Fact: Harry Potter director Chris Columbus has signed on to direct a TV remake of hit U.S. western series The Rifleman. The moviemaker will direct the first episode of the reboot if the show, which was created in the 1950s by Sam Peckipah, is picked up. The original series starred Chuck Connors.

31st October 2011

Quote: "Funnily enough, I planned from the start that none of them would die. Then midway through, which I think is a reflection of the fact that I wasn't in a very happy place, I started thinking I might polish one of them off. Out of sheer spite. 'There, now you definitely can't have him anymore.'" Author J.K. Rowling admits she was considering killing off Rupert Grint's Harry Potter character Ron Weasley while writing the books.

7th October 2011

Quote: "I was offered a part, not a big part. I thought: 'They're going to make another five films, I'll be a teacher.' But they never asked me again." British funnyman David Walliams still regrets turning a role down in an early Harry Potter movie.

27th September 2011

Fact: Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling was honoured for her philanthropy by British royal Princess Anne at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland on Monday (26Sep11). The author donated $16 million (£10 million) to the educational facility last year (10) to establish a new multiple sclerosis (MS) research clinic, which is due to open in 2013.

22nd September 2011

Tweet: "Thank you very much to all wishing me a pleasant birthday. Sun is shining and I'm about to embark on an epic walk with my dog, good times." Harry Potter star Tom Felton celebrates his 24th birthday on Thursday (22Sep11).

1st September 2011

Fact: Harry Potter stars Rupert Grint and Tom Felton have signed up to model menswear for clothing company Band of Outsiders' autumn (11) fashion campaign. The actors appropriately jetted to the Hollywood Magic Castle - an exclusive club dedicated to promoting the art of illusion - for the photo shoot.

21st August 2011

Quote: "Half way through the first act I'd notice some stunning girl in the front row and then I'd be like, 'Oh man, you're gonna see me naked in about an hour! This is not the situation I'd like to do that in. I'm not gonna be looking my best. If I knew you were gonna be here, I would have made a bit of a show of myself.'" Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe on stripping off in front of beautiful theatregoers during his stint onstage in Equus.

8th August 2011

Fact: British actor Tom Felton celebrated his Teen Choice Awards Movie Villain win on Sunday (07Aug11) by hitting Hollywood with his Harry Potter pal Rupert Grint - and visiting his pal's iconic sidewalk handprints in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater.

6th August 2011

Quote: "I met Matt Damon and it was ridiculous. I've met people more famous than he is and been fine. But with him I got all giggly and went red with embarrassment." Harry Potter actress Emma Watson was star-struck when she met Matt Damon.

2nd August 2011

Quote: "They shot a bunch of stuff. There are documentaries and us doing all sorts... there was all sorts of crazy stuff. They were trying to compose this mega edition." Actor Tom Felton teases fans about the possible extras on the Dvd release of the final Harry Potter blockbuster, which will hit retailers later this year (11).

29th July 2011

Fact: Rupert Grint showed his affection for Harry Potter co-star Tom Felton at the Los Angeles premiere of his new film Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes on Thursday (28Jul11) by wearing a T-shirt proclaiming 'I love Tom Felton'.

20th July 2011

Tweet: "I know it’s terrible, but I've never seen one Harry Potter! I'm going to watch them all so I can see the last one in the theatre." Justin Timberlake is planning a movie marathon to catch up on the whole Harry Potter film franchise.

19th July 2011

Fact: Harry Potter heroine Emma Watson is in talks to revamp the Beauty & The Beast tale for a major movie adaptation. Producer Denise Di Novi let it slip that Watson was the number one choice to play part of Belle in a retelling of the fairytale by cult director Guillermo del Toro during a junket for her new film Crazy Stupid Love.

19th July 2011

Tweet: "I was maybe the only person in the theatre not crying. Grown men were falling apart. Blowing their noses. This Potter thing is effective. I teared up. If they don't drop down your cheek it doesn't count as crying." Even cool Kings Of Leon rocker Jared Followill couldn't help but get emotional after watching the final Harry Potter film.

15th July 2011

Quote: "I saw Julianne Moore walk past me a couple of weeks ago, and we smiled at each other. I don't think she knew it was me, I just think she thought it was somebody smiling at her. You do see a lot of people, and I'm as guilty of it as anybody. I get so excited when I spot someone, like, 'Oh, there's Kiefer Sutherland!'" Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe loves to go celeb-spotting around the streets of New York.

15th July 2011

Quote: "I'm not the natural frame and stature of an action hero, so I may not get to play one again. Things like bursting out of the water in film six surrounded by a ring of fire... I won't get to do that." Daniel Radcliffe fears his days as an action man are over now the Harry Potter film franchise has wrapped.

13th July 2011

Quote: "They gave me the Deluminator and I took home the number four from the door, too." Rupert Grint is delighted he managed to bag a few mementos when filming wrapped on the final Harry Potter film.

13th July 2011

Quote: "I'm amazing at table tennis. I'm, like, obsessed with table tennis... It's kind of a nerdy thing. I've been keeping it on the down low." Harry Potter star Emma Watson on her love for ping pong.

12th July 2011

Quote: "There are no places more fun for a 12-year-old kid to be than a film set. It's like the ultimate playground." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe loved growing up on the magical movie set.

12th July 2011

Tweet: "Saw Dans (sic) show... Couldn't stop smiling, he was exceptional, felt v. proud seeing him up there! No1 (no one) could quite do it as good as he does." Tom Felton took time out from his busy Harry Potter promotional schedule to catch his co-star Daniel Radcliffe in his Broadway show How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying.

12th July 2011

Quote: "It's only in the last couple of years that I've realised how amazing the cast is. In the early days, I just thought of them mostly as a load of old people - mostly friendly, sometimes intimidating... I was terrified of Alan Rickman because he stayed in character all the time." Rupert Grint on working with Britain's biggest stars in the Harry Potter film franchise.

12th July 2011

Quote: "I feel like young girls are told they have to be a princess, and be delicate and fragile, and that's bulls**t. I identify much more with the idea of being a warrior, being a fighter. If I was going to be a princess, I'd be a warrior princess, definitely." Harry Potter star Emma Watson is a proud feminist.

11th July 2011

Quote: "We like to watch cricket together. We will be friends for life." British actor Tom Felton has no plans to lose touch with Harry Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe, his enemy on the big screen.

11th July 2011

Quote: "We had to film the fight scenes several times, it was fantastic, but after a while I suffered wand arm. After filming we had to be treated, Helena and I, because wielding a wand really does put a strain on the muscles. I was instructed by the doctor to rest it for a few days." Julie Walters and her Harry Potter co-star Helena Bonham Carter had to take it easy following a gruelling fight scene for the final installment of the franchise, Harry Potter AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS - PART 2.

11th July 2011

Quote: "There's often a little smell of the burning martyr about Harry... He occasionally likes the fact that it's on him. He does have a bit of a hero complex, I think, and I think that he always thinks he has to be the hero, which I suffer from myself sometimes." Daniel Radcliffe on his boy wizard character, Harry Potter.

11th July 2011

Quote: "I was nine years old, I was still losing teeth, baby teeth." Emma Watson recalls her early days on the first Harry Potter film.

11th July 2011

Fact: Daniel Radcliffe went through 160 pairs of spectacles and more than 70 wands as movie wizard Harry Potter in the decade-long film franchise.

11th July 2011

Quote: "I considered playing a rent boy. It was a good script but the reason I didn't was that people would just say, 'Oh you're trying too hard'." Daniel Radcliffe considered taking on a saucy role to shed his clean-cut Harry Potter image.

11th July 2011

Quote: "I wore a horse costume as a disguise. It was so hot I could barely breathe and I ended up covered in sweat. Someone had to pick me up off the floor." Harry Potter star Rupert Grint's hopes to go incognito at a music festival backfired.

8th July 2011

Quote: "This is sort of the least I could do, considering. I think people have been camped out here for three days, so I thought I’d better make an effort." Harry Potter star Emma Watson on choosing to wear a grey designer Oscar De La Renta ball gown to the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 world premiere in London on Thursday (07Jul11).

8th July 2011

Fact: More than 2,000 U.S. screenings of the final Harry Potter film have already sold out. Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 hits cinemas on 15 July (11).

7th July 2011

Quote: "I actually didn't want to see it destroyed and seeing it destroyed on film was awful. Everyone will feel that who follows the films." Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling was sad to see the movies' iconic Great Hall set reduced to rubble in the final installment, Harry Potter AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: Part Ii, which is released later this month (Jul11).

7th July 2011

Tweet: "Hope everyone that's waiting for the premiere is doing OK!! Wish I could stop the rain for you!!" Harry Potter star Tom Felton feels sorry for young fans queueing for the unveiling of the final installment of the wizard franchise in rainy London.

5th July 2011

Quote: "The first few films, I don't think I took it too seriously, to be honest. I just read my lines and had fun." Actor Rupert Grint on his first Harry Potter films.

5th July 2011

Quote: "I was never worried about that. Anyone who's seen my father knew I was never going to get too tall." Daniel Radcliffe never feared he'd tower above his Harry Potter pals in the decade-long film franchise.

4th July 2011

Quote: "They built the Potter sets so that if you opened the door to one room, it went to the next room. On days when I didn't have anything to shoot, I'd just wander around and discover new rooms." Actor Ian Hart on his adventures on the Harry Potter film sets.

4th July 2011

Fact: Actor Matthew Lewis waited almost five hours for his Harry Potter audition. The wait was worth it - he landed the role of Neville Longbottom.

30th June 2011

Fact: The editors of U.S. magazine Entertainment Weekly have dedicated 50 pages of their new issue to all things Harry Potter. The special features an indepth look back at the history of the Potter film franchise, which will come to an end this summer (11) with the release of Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2.

22nd June 2011

Quote: "Because I'm bearded up as Hagrid, kids generally don't recognise me. I very much appreciate that anonymity - especially when you see what happens to Alan Rickman, who plays Snape. He gets kids hissing at him in airports!" Beloved Harry Potter star Robbie Coltrane is grateful for his elaborate giant's costume in the franchise, as it allows him to go unnoticed in public.

21st June 2011

Quote: "Pottermore... Is this the new thing that J.K. is announcing next week? I saw this yesterday, this thing online saying J.K.'s going to announce something, and here I am thinking, "Booyah! Book 8 on the way!" Actor Tom Felton is excited at rumours J.K. Rowling is bringing Harry Potter back, following the launch of a mysterious new website.

14th June 2011

Quote: "It was such a relief to speak to someone who is trying to do the same thing I'm doing. I talked to him about juggling studying and making films and going backward and forward. He's not afraid or limited by what he fears people will say about it." Harry Potter star Emma Watson sought advice from Oscar nominee and avid learner James Franco, who has a slew of degrees to his name, after a chance meeting last year (10).

14th June 2011

Quote: "I have had no control over my life. I have lived in a complete bubble. They found me and picked me for the part. And now I'm desperately trying to find my way through it." Actress Emma Watson is excited to try new things after spending years on Harry Potter.

13th June 2011

Quote: "I really felt that life was more beautiful after I read it, and I felt more hopeful." Harry Potter star Emma Watson found Patti Smith's memoirs Just Kids to be a life-changing read.

6th June 2011

Quote: "Even if I was being given a hard time, I wasn't going to wuss out of university because someone said 'Wingardium leviosa' to me in a corridor, or 'Ten points for Gryffindor'. I've been dealing with the media since I was nine. If I can't stand up to a few people giving me a hard time, it's a bit pathetic, really. I've had so much worse." Harry Potter star Emma Watson dismisses reports she was bullied with Harry Potter taunts while studying at Brown University.

31st May 2011

Quote: "Stronger, more defined characters (are easier to play). It's quite therapeutic. I'm not an aggressive guy, but I get to kind of vent my day-to-day frustrations about, you know, traffic or waking up late." Harry Potter star Tom Felton enjoys playing a villain in the wizarding franchise.

9th May 2011

Fact: Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is planning to step up her charitable efforts by creating a scholarship fund for budding doctors and scientists. Last year (10), the multi-millionaire writer gave a massive $16 million (£10 million) to fund a multiple sclerosis (MS) research clinic in honour of her late mother, who suffered from the condition.

8th May 2011

Quote: "It's all on hold at the moment. We are just too busy with work commitments." Harry Potter star Bonnie Wright is expecting a very long engagement to fiance Jamie Campbell Bower.

4th May 2011

Quote: "I don't know what it is, but I feel a lot cooler here than I do in England." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe enjoys being an Englishman in New York. The actor is currently starring in Broadway musical How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

26th April 2011

Quote: "I won't be getting up at 4am to watch the wedding. I'll catch the highlights on CNN because they'll be running something 24/7." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe won't be watching Friday's (29Apr11) royal wedding live from his home in New York.

13th April 2011

Fact: A full set of Harry Potter books signed by author J.K. Rowling is expected to raise $6,400 (£4,000) when they're auctioned in the U.K. later this month (Apr11). The writer donated the tales to generate money for a memorial in honour of a British teenager who died in a coach crash last year (10).

17th March 2011

Fact: The teacher who reportedly inspired J.K. Rowling's nasty Professor Snape character in her books has passed away. Mr Nettleship, 71, taught the superstar author at a school in Chepstow, Wales and is believed to be the basis of the double-crossing wizard, who hates Harry Potter.

14th March 2011

Fact: Harry Potter star Emma Watson has signed up as the new face of cosmetics giant Lancome.

7th March 2011

Quote: "I didn't like the one that died... Richard Harris. He was grumpy." Actress Miriam Margolyes wasn't a fan of her late Harry Potter co-star.

2nd March 2011

Fact: The final film in the Harry Potter franchise, The Deathly Hallows Part 2, will be released on 15 July (11) - eight days before star Daniel Radcliffe's 22nd birthday. He was 11 when the first film in the series came out in 2001.

11th February 2011

Fact: Harry Potter star Emma Watson is set to play another literary heroine on the big screen after signing up to star alongside Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief's Logan Lerman in The Perks of Being a Wallflower. The movie is based on Stephen Chbosky's iconic young adult novel of the same name. Chbosky will also direct. Watson will shoot the film during her summer break from Brown University.

26th January 2011

Quote: "Being in Harry Potter was obviously amazing, but I want to move away from the whole Ron Weasley thing now. I really want to play a baddie in a Batman film." Actor Rupert Grint has his next role in mind now he's finished work on the HARRY POTTER franchise.

25th January 2011

Quote: "Being in Harry Potter was just like every other job. I'm not obsessed with it all, as some people seem to be. But it is thrilling to have been part of something that has given a lot of pleasure to people, and it makes me very happy when fans come up and want to get their picture taken with Professor Sprout, actually, I get furious if I'm not asked." Actress Miriam Margolyes enjoys being a part of the hugely successful HARRY POTTER franchise.

22nd December 2010

Quote: "Currently at Leavesden filming reshoots with Dan and Rupert. Feels strange to be back!" Emma Watson finds it weird to be back shooting re-takes for the last ever Harry Potter movie after bidding the franchise farewell when filming wrapped in the summer (10).

25th November 2010

Quote: "I haven't seen one since the very first one. I never kind of got into it." John Legend isn't a fan of the Harry Potter franchise.

24th November 2010

Quote: "I burned my mouth something chronic; someone gave me something and said it was a local delight and I spent 20 minutes downing gallons of water. I've got a very sensitive tongue; I'm not used to the hot stuff at all." Harry Potter star Tom Felton experienced the heat when he dined out after the Mexican premiere of new movie THE DEATHLY HALLOWS.

23rd November 2010

Quote: "I tweeted one (message) saying, 'Good night from my bed in London,' and someone said, 'Do you mind if I slither in?' I was very impressed with that one - she almost got a tweet back." Harry Potter star Tom Felton on the chat-up lines he gets from female fans.

23rd November 2010

Quote: "I've had dark times, this voice in my head that makes me pretty hard on myself. I really don't let anything go. I've been learning that I have to try to be a bit kinder and take care of myself a bit better." Harry Potter star Emma Watson is her own worst critic.

23rd November 2010

Quote: "He's fantastic and Jewish apparently, and I'm Jewish... A Jewish Spider-Man - that's progress." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe approves of the new Spider-Man, fellow Brit Andrew Garfield.

23rd November 2010

Quote: "I signed someone's teeth in London. That was kind of strange. I just wrote a different letter on a different tooth." Rupert Grint on his strangest encounter with a Harry Potter fan.

23rd November 2010

Quote: "It's kind of like your baby pictures being posted up around the world on a 20-foot screen. It makes me squirm a bit to be honest. It's funny looking back (at) how different we all were. I had the bushy hair, chipmunk face and big teeth going on, which wasn't a great look for me." British actress Emma Watson reflects on the early Harry Potter films.

23rd November 2010

Quote: "I had a 45-year-old American gentleman change his name legally to Lucius Malfoy and send me adoption papers for me to come live with him." Harry Potter star Tom Felton reveals the craziest thing a fan has done.

22nd November 2010

Quote: "Driving on the wrong side of the road when I come back to Britain from America. I'm terrified I'll have an accident." Harry Potter star Emma Watson names her worst habit.

22nd November 2010

Fact: The new Harry Potter movie has broken box office records across the globe, taking a massive £330 million (£220 million) in its opening weekend (20-21Nov10). HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART 1 also became Britain's highest grossing opener of 2010, making $28 million (£18.7 million) in the U.K. alone.

21st November 2010

Quote: "Quite often ginger people in the street shake my hand. There's a kind of pride." Harry Potter star Rupert Grint is proud to represent red-haired people around the world.

19th November 2010

Fact: The new Harry Potter movie, Deathly Hallows - Part 1, raked in a whopping $24 million (£16 million) from midnight showings when it opened across America on Thursday night (18Nov10).

19th November 2010

Quote: "I got asked to write my will the other day - and I'm only 20." Harry Potter star Emma Watson has been organising her finances.

18th November 2010

Quote: "Unfortunately, there's going to be that level of attention on all of us for the foreseeable future so we have to be careful. If you get a reputation for drinking, doing drugs or just being unreliable it can affect your career much quicker now, because of the internet, than it used to." Daniel Radcliffe has vowed not to lose focus now the Harry Potter franchise is over.

18th November 2010

Quote: "I can safely say I had no feelings for either of the boys - never. But I can definitely appreciate why there are women all over the globe who are crazy about them." Emma Watson won't be romancing her Harry Potter co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint anytime soon.

18th November 2010

Quote: "I had no idea that you guys (Americans) call a condom a rubber. My version of a rubber is an eraser. I've very loudly asked for a rubber and people have given me strange looks." British Harry Potter star Emma Watson experienced a language mix-up when she attended a university lecture in America.

18th November 2010

Quote: "I quite like surreal artists like Salvador Dali. If it wasn't for Harry Potter and acting, I'd probably be doing art because I've always been into it. I'm regularly drawing, painting and sketching or doodling." Rupert Grint would have been an artist if he hadn't landed his role in the HARRY POTTER movies.

18th November 2010

Quote: "I'm 21 now, it's bizarre. I still feel 14!" Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe admits his teen years have flown by.

18th November 2010

Quote: "He never said any of this at the time... I guess it's a compliment. It would be awful if he said, 'She's really boring to kiss'." Emma Watson was far from upset by Harry Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe's comments she kisses like "an animal".

17th November 2010

Quote: "I did a terrible thing - three months into our relationship on her 21st birthday, we went to Venice for the weekend, which was beautiful and charming, but where do you take them after Venice... Big mistake." Harry Potter villain Tom Felton fears he raced into his romance with girlfriend Jade.

16th November 2010

Quote: "It’s all been good. I would never be anything but proud to be associated with this film series forever, but... if they did actually do another film I don't think I'd be on board... I think 10 years is enough." Daniel Radcliffe won't be back as Harry Potter.

16th November 2010

Quote: "He actually cut short his holiday so he could see me in Equus on Broadway." Daniel Radcliffe is firm friends with his Harry Potter co-star Alan Rickman.

15th November 2010

Quote: "I'm incredibly romantic. Young Casanova here. Once every couple of months I do things properly. I get roses, teddy bears and balloons. It sounds corny, but I also write songs about Jade and play ballads on the guitar." Harry Potter star Tom Felton loves to spoil his girlfriend Jade.

14th November 2010

Quote: "I'd love to do a Shakespearean role like Juliet or Lady MACbeth because there are some great parts for women." Harry Potter star Emma Watson on her dream roles.

14th November 2010

Quote: "They couldn't give a monkeys. They have no idea what I do for a living." Harry Potter star Jason Isaacs admits his children don't care about his role in the wizard franchise.

14th November 2010

Fact: Daniel Radcliffe proved he was a model science student at school during an appearance on British TV's The Graham Norton Show on Friday (12Nov10) - the Harry Potter star recited the periodic table in order from memory.

12th November 2010

Quote: "You name it, they've sent it. I'm not knocking it, I'm always very appreciative, but there's been local cuisine from around the world as well as hundreds of notes describing their frustration with my attitudes towards Harry and how I should leave him alone. I have about 15 silver spoons from Japan, apparently it's a good luck symbol, so I'm very lucky to have a fairly healthy silver spoon collection." Harry Potter star Tom Felton reveals his bizarre presents from fans.

12th November 2010

Quote: "When I look at myself now, I think, 'God this is me.' And there's something rather liberating and strengthening about that. I'd feel I was letting myself down if I started dyeing again now." Harry Potter star Julie Walters has vowed never to dye her white hair blonde again.

11th November 2010

Quote: "My happy ending... knowing that there's still more to come from me... It feels very strange to feel like you're retiring when you're 20 years old. But it does feel that way. I've spent 10 years making these movies and I just hope that the second part of my life is as incredible as the first half." Harry Potter star Emma Watson is determined to have a successful career following the end of the wizard franchise.

11th November 2010

Quote: "They creep me out." Emma Watson isn't a fan of the dolls based on her Harry Potter character HERMIONE GRANGER.

11th November 2010

Quote: "Oh God, she promised me categorically that there wouldn't be another book involving Harry. I think 10 years is a long time to spend with one character." Daniel Radcliffe is worried he'll have to reprise his boy wizard role if Harry Potter author J.K. ROWLING writes another instalment.

11th November 2010

Quote: "I think people just think we need guidance, you know. It is quite strange... I do have quite a serious collection of them now." Harry Potter star Emma Watson is regularly sent copies of the Bible by concerned fans.

10th November 2010

Quote: "I got the SAS to walk my dogs. I had special beer brewed by monks in a Belgian monastery... not true. I grew eight inches in height in two months, which for anyone whose met me can see that's plainly not true, and I once commissioned a lifesize nude statue of my self for my living room. I haven't done that yet." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe lists his favourite false stories about himself.

9th November 2010

Quote: "I've always loved kissing. We all do, don't we? That's the weird thing about not being married. You can't get regular kissing, you can't be guaranteed of it and that's a great shame. I'm pretty sure Len would oblige if I asked him. He would be delighted to. He's definitely the best kisser... thus far." Harry Potter star Dawn French misses the intimate moments of marriage following her divorce from comic LENNY HENRY.

9th November 2010

Quote: "My dad wouldn't have any of this kids' stuff. We would never be allowed to order from the kids' menu in a restaurant. I was never not allowed alcohol. I was seven when I had my first glass of wine with a meal. I found it really strange when I got to school and everyone was like, 'Ooh, we've got alcohol!' I wasn't interested." Harry Potter star Emma Watson grew up drinking fine wines.

8th November 2010

Fact: Harry Potter star Fiona Shaw has landed a recurring role on TRUE BLOOD - the actress will play a palm reader in the next season of the hit U.S. vampire show.

8th November 2010

Quote: "I lost a front tooth on the first film, so they put a fake one in my mouth every day to hide the gap." Emma Watson on growing up while filming the Harry Potter franchise.

8th November 2010

Tweet: "Tom Felton is already dreading the heavy rain predicted for Thursday! A potter premiere with horrendous weather comes hand in hand it seems!!" Actor TOM FELTON, who plays villain DRACO MALFOY, is not looking forward to walking the red carpet of the premiere for the first installment of Harry Potter AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS in rain-soaked Britain on Thursday (11Nov10). The special screening of last year's (09) HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE was a complete washout.

7th November 2010

Quote: "I've been trying to think of ways to commemorate the Potter years. I'm not going to get a tattoo or anything, but I'm putting together a photo album for everyone." Emma Watson is giving her Harry Potter co-stars a special momentum to mark the end of the wizard franchise.

7th November 2010

Quote: "I really want to write a novel. I also want to learn to play the mandolin." Harry Potter actress Emma Watson wants to expand her resume.

6th November 2010

Quote: "I wish I'd done more naughty things. Three months ago I cut my hair and at that moment I felt I became a woman. I'm ready to start taking risks." Harry Potter star Emma Watson is ready to shed her clean-cut image.

5th November 2010

Quote: "I get a lot of pyjamas and origami." Harry Potter star Rupert Grint on the odd gifts he gets from fans.

4th November 2010

Quote: "Bagels are the best thing ever! Americans just love variety; there's so much choice, it's overwhelming. But I love trying the blueberry and raisin and cinnamon bagels. Luckily, I exercise a lot." Harry Potter star Emma Watson is a big fan of bagels.

4th November 2010

Quote: "The glasses would be a good thing to have at the end and obviously the wand. Somebody said I should get a broom mounted, but then I think, 'You know, what does that say about me when people come around to visit?'" Daniel Radcliffe on the keepsakes he'll take away from the Harry Potter film franchise.

3rd November 2010

Quote: "We were all in bits. I've never seen Rupert Grint cry in my life but it was really emotional. When I saw him cry, it made me cry more. It's come to stand for my childhood, which I've said goodbye to. That innocent small boy has gone." Daniel Radcliffe broke down in tears after shooting the final scenes in his Harry Potter adventure.

3rd November 2010

Quote: "We started off as mates and finished as mates. If anyone is doing any dating we get approvals from each other. We give each other advice, you know like when you should wear your best pants." Harry Potter star Dawn French still turns to her ex-husband, funnyman LENNY HENRY, for advice.

2nd November 2010

Quote: "I did ask for it, funnily enough. There were many, many wigs. The style changed over the years - it ended up being slightly more Lady Gaga in the final incarnation. It started as Pamela Anderson. There were many of them and I don't know where they are - forming a band or something, I think." Actor Jason Isaacs is disappointed he didn't keep his Harry Potter wigs to mark his time spent in the wizarding film franchise.

29th October 2010

Quote: "Oh, my goodness. No, I wouldn't return. It feels so complete what we've done. It would just be weird. No. No way. It would just be really strange." Emma Watson rules out ever returning to her Harry Potter role if writer J.K. Rowling decides to go ahead with more books.

28th October 2010

Quote: "I have a place in London to where I go quite a bit. Eventually, I’ll move out." Harry Potter star Rupert Grint on moving out of his parents' home.

26th October 2010

Quote: "I haven't quite adjusted to life without Harry Potter. I'm really sad actually. I've missed it. But I think it's a good time really to kind of move on. It has been a long time. After 10 years, I do kind of want to stretch a bit more and explore different characters and do different things." Rupert Grint on life after HARRY POTTER.

10th October 2010

Quote: "Without it, I'd have been having a s**tty time at school. I was rubbish. For some reason I could never hack school, which is one of the reasons I was so grateful for Potter." The Harry Potter film franchise gave Daniel Radcliffe an excuse to get out of class.

4th October 2010

Quote: "I don't drive. Cars terrify me. Lately, I have had a driver. Occasionally, within the last year I've taken a bus." Harry Potter author J.K. ROWLING still likes to go incognito on public transport.

2nd October 2010

Quote: "I've never been a fool with money... (I think), 'God, if I blew this, how could I look everyone in the face?!' I feel I don't want to be complacent, I don't want to take things for granted. But you know what? I'm talking rubbish... I'd really have to be very stupid to lose this." Billionaire Harry Potter author J.K. ROWLING still worries about spending all her money and being left penniless.

2nd October 2010

Quote: "I could definitely write an eighth, ninth, tenth. I'm not going to say I won't. I don't think I will, I feel I am done, but you never know." Harry Potter author J.K. ROWLING is still refusing to rule out the possibility of expanding the boy wizard franchise, despite releasing the final installment, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, in 2007. The writer previously hinted about the return of Potter in April (10).

1st October 2010

Quote: "I got a tattoo of his eyes on the back of my neck." Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch on her odd tattoo tribute to hero Michael Jackson.

30th September 2010

Fact: Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch won the 2009 Mary Barrett Portfolio Award for painting in her native Ireland. The crafty 19 year old also designed the jewellery and hat her character Luna Lovegood wears in the final Potter films.

20th September 2010

Fact: Two handwritten Harry Potter AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS manuscripts, signed by J.K. ROWLING, are going on show at The Wigtown Book Festival in Scotland, which will run from Friday (24Sep10) until 3 October (10).

6th September 2010

Fact: Harry Potter star Rupert Grint is set to appear in British comedy duo David Walliams and Matt Lucas' upcoming spoof series COME FLY WITH ME, which takes place in a busy airport.

23rd August 2010

Quote: "I'm not in a band but I'd like to be. I tried for so long to play instruments but I couldn't. I've tried to play a succession of instruments from the accordion and saxophone to the banjo and guitar. I don't think I can." Harry Potter star Rupert Grint is sticking to acting after realising he has no musical talent.

18th August 2010

Quote: "I've got one pair of shoes, generally. I find a pair and I just wear them until they fall off me." Harry Potter star Rupert Grint refuses to spend his money on footwear.

12th August 2010

Quote: "I've got two pairs from the seventh film and the pair I wore in the very, very first movie - which are really tiny on my head now!" Daniel Radcliffe has lasting mementos from the Harry Potter movie franchise - his character's iconic glasses.

16th July 2010

Fact: Harry Potter author J.K. ROWLING's autograph has become one of the most sought after signatures in the world - it now outsells Michael Jackson's and Muhammad Ali's with an average price of $1,800 (£1,200).

30th June 2010

Fact: Harry Potter stars Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson are reuniting for a new TV movie, entitled The Song Of Lunch, for the BBC later this year (10).

28th June 2010

Quote: "There was Pierce Brosnan, then there was Daniel (Craig). There was never an opening. In fact, I think Dan is the perfect Bond. I always thought he'd be perfect. He's just a guy that exudes sex." Harry Potter star Jason Isaacs fears he's missed out on playing super spy James Bond.

25th June 2010

Tweet: "Last official EVER day as draco malfoy! What a unique 10 years its been! will be sad to take my suit off for the last time! (sic). I will miss the blonde haired little git." Actor Tom Felton's decade-long Harry Potter ride has come to an end after completing his scenes as villainous wizard student DRACO MALFOY on Thursday (23Jun10).

22nd June 2010

Quote: "I remember doing the contract for some TV show I was doing in America and my lawyer phoned up and he said, 'I can't give you any more money but I have the butt shot down to two seconds.' I'm like, 'What?!' He said, 'Normally four seconds is standard and I have you down to two.' I went, 'I don't care! I want more money!'" Harry Potter star Jason Isaacs admits he's often baffled by contract negotiations.

18th June 2010

Quote: "My main memory is going in to get my roots retouched. I remained at a normal school, which was important to me. But I got a load of hassle. My hair was bright blond and Harry Potter wasn't cool back then. I had name-calling and stuff." Tom Felton was picked on at school for his bleached blonde hair, which he had to have to play Draco Malfoy in the wizard films.

18th June 2010

Quote: "We did scenes the other day with Ralph Fiennes, Alan Rickman and Jason Isaacs. Doing the films has been like ten years of lessons." British actor Tom Felton on working with acting legends during his time filming the Harry Potter movies.

17th June 2010

Fact: Rupert Grint showed off his musical side at the launch of the new Harry Potter theme park on Wednesday (16Jun10), taking to the stage to rap the Beastie Boys' hit track FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT (TO PARTY) for thrilled revellers. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opens to the public in Orlando, Florida later this month (Jun10).

7th June 2010

Quote: "Against Christoph Waltz and Helena Bonham Carter? Not really fair competition. I thought I was well out of the works. Thanks to the fans for voting. I really appreciate it." Tom Felton is shocked he scooped the Best Villain trophy at the MTV Movie Awards for his role in Harry Potter AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE.

27th May 2010

Quote: "I was always unbelievably jealous of Tobey Maguire playing Spider-Man. I do think Spidey is the coolest of the superheroes." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe would love to spin webs.

27th May 2010

Quote: "I would steal the glasses. If they're not given to me properly I'll steal them." Daniel Radcliffe is planning to take home the spectacles he wears as Harry Potter when the film series comes to an end.

27th May 2010

Quote: "It puts a pretty nice punctuation mark on my adolescence. I feel grown-up now." Daniel Radcliffe feels like an adult now the Harry Potter movie series is coming to an end.

21st May 2010

Fact: Harry Potter stars including Emma Watson and Robbie Coltrane enjoyed a sneak peek of Universal Studios' long-awaited theme park inspired by the hit franchise on Thursday (20May10). The Wizarding World of Harry Potter features a replica of the enchanted Hogwarts school and is set to open in Orlando, Florida next month (Jun10).

17th May 2010

Quote: "The scripts all have happy endings, they're really badly written and they're sending them to an English literature student." Well-educated Harry Potter star Emma Watson bemoans the lack of challenging scripts sent to her.

13th May 2010

Fact: A painting of a train by Harry Potter star Robbie Coltrane, which was expected to fetch $6,000 (£4,000) at auction in Scotland, has failed to sell.

12th May 2010

Quote: "My brother had read Harry Potter and told me I reminded him of Ginny, so, when I was nine, I asked my mum if I could audition." HARRY POTTER star Bonnie Wright had a feeling she'd be a good fit for the boy wizard film franchise.

11th May 2010

Fact: Tea-loving Harry Potter star Bonnie Wright collects tea-pots.

10th May 2010

Quote: "It's nice dating another actor. With our job, there are so many things that don't make sense to people. It's nice not having to explain everything, and our passion inspires each other to want to work." Harry Potter star Bonnie Wright on her romance with actor Jamie Campbell Bower.

6th May 2010

Quote: "I think actually I'm the worst person in the class." Harry Potter star Emma Watson is amazed by the students in her acting classes at Brown University.

22nd April 2010

Quote: "I remember once me, Daniel and Emma were offered parts in an Australian remake of The Wizard of Oz. They wanted me as the Scarecrow, Emma was going to be Dorothy and Dan the Tin Man. I don't know what happened to that." Rupert Grint reveals the bizarre roles he and his Harry Potter co-stars, Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, have been offered.

22nd April 2010

Quote: "We're kind of on the last stretch now. It's a weird feeling. It's been half my life and suddenly it's going to come to one shot and its all over. I'm kind of sad. I will miss it. It's been a massive part of my life and all the people I've met over the years - saying goodbye (will be hard)." Rupert Grint is struggling to come to terms with the end of the Harry Potter movies - because he's spent half his life filming the wizard franchise.

12th March 2010

Quote: "All I have to do when I meet children around the world is tell them that I'm in Harry Potter and it's like a bolt of lightning goes through them. To be able to give that kind of pleasure when you have no discernible talent is magical." Actor Jason Isaacs is best known for his portrayal of evil Lucius Malfoy in the wizard franchise.

9th March 2010

Fact: Harry Potter star Emma Watson has landed a role in a student-directed play of Anton Chekhov's Three Sisters at Brown University, where she is studying. Watson and 13 other thespians will perform six shows beginning on 11 March (10).

16th February 2010

Quote: "I watch the films and it is very bittersweet. I spent four years with Dan (Daniel Radcliffe), Rupert (Grint) and Emma (Watson) and the films are just wonderful. It's bittersweet and very surreal seeing them from far away." Chris Columbus, who directed the first two Harry Potter movies, on seeing the franchise near its conclusion.

13th January 2010

Tweet: "I think I'm going to start having to play board games against myself!! No one can get to me cos the roads are too bad... and I can't get out!" Harry Potter star Tom Felton is snowed in thanks to the U.K.'s wintry weather.

10th December 2009

Quote: "I read that the other day, and I was like, 'What the hell is that about?' I haven't seen Dan walking around naked, not on the set anyway. The changing room is a different thing - I'm joking. No, I hadn't heard anything of it. Dan hasn't mentioned it." Harry Potter star Tom Felton was baffled by rumours of raunchy naked scenes in the upcoming wizard movie - insisting his co-star Daniel Radcliffe does not strip off onscreen.

5th December 2009

Fact: The Harry Potter movies have made almost $5.4 billion around the world - the equivalent of every person on the planet spending 88 cents (55 pence) on the franchise, according to Entertainment Weekly magazine.

27th November 2009

Quote: "There's no hierarchy when Daniel Radcliffe's on set. Whether you're a cleaner or a producer he'll know your name and talk to you equally." Harry Potter actor Tom Felton is amazed the franchise's star is so down-to-earth.

12th November 2009

Quote: "I'm about to do the last Harry Potter and I'm employed from May to December, but it's probably a day's work. It's so much harder to act well in it, because there's a huge amount of sitting around." British actress Helena Bonham Carter finds the filming process laborious.

27th October 2009

Fact: Bosses at film company Warner Bros. have threatened legal action after a restaurant owner in London announced plans for Harry Potter-themed dinner parties - complete with cauldron cakes, butterbeer, and pumpkin pasties. The executives are concerned the events will infringe their copyright.

18th October 2009

Quote: "I've been in seven Harry Potter films but my classmates are real movie buffs compared to me!" Actress Bonnie Wright is burying her head in the books to keep up with fellow students in her university film classes.

24th September 2009

Quote: "I don't think it's very pretty to be really, really skinny. I don't aspire to be super-skinny. Even if I wanted to be that skinny, I love food and I love cooking and I love sitting down and having nice meals - so it would just be impossible!" Harry Potter star Emma Watson is happy with her body.

22nd September 2009

Quote: "I have his phone number. He seems like he stays completely grounded all the time." TWILIGHT star Robert Pattinson is considering asking Harry Potter pal Daniel Radcliffe for career guidance.

18th September 2009

Quote: "So many girls have become famous for literally nothing, other than falling out of clubs in shocking clothing or going out with a different person every week." Harry Potter star Bonnie Wright hopes her celebrity status has a little more substance.

16th September 2009

Fact: Harry Potter fans can soon visit the boy wizard's magical world - bosses at Universal Studios have revealed details for a long-awaited theme park inspired by the hit franchise. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter will feature a replica of the enchanted Hogwarts school and a rollercoaster when it opens in Orlando, Florida in spring next year (10).

8th September 2009

Quote: "When I'm drunk I like to cause mischief. I'll steal props like the broomsticks from the Harry Potter set and bring them out to the pub for comedy value. It seems funny at the time. Trouble is I usually get too trashed (drunk) to remember what happened the next day." Daniel Radcliffe likes to joke around when he's had a drink with pals.

31st August 2009

Fact: Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe attended Britain's Reading music festival over the weekend (29-30Aug09) in disguise. The young actor covered his face with a Batman mask to make sure he wasn't recognised in the crowd.

31st July 2009

Quote: "You might think that I would have read these with my son, but I didn't. I read them for me and me alone. When we went on vacations, I would sit outside listening to the Harry Potter audio books. I'm really sad there won't be any more." Former FRIENDS star Lisa Kudrow doesn't share her HARRY POTTER obsession with her 11 year old son Julian.

28th July 2009

Fact: The chair J.K. ROWLING sat on to write the first two Harry Potter books has made $30,000 (£20,000) at auction. Part of the cash will be donated to the Books Abroad charity, which helps provide literature to children in poverty-stricken schools worldwide.

23rd July 2009

Quote: "The only reason Rupert and I have probably never argued is that he's the most totally laidback person you'll ever meet. You could probably set fire to him and he wouldn't really mind." Daniel Radcliffe considers himself lucky to have such a good relationship with his Harry Potter co-star Rupert Grint.

21st July 2009

Quote: “It’s not a pleasant experience. Now I understand what girls go through, I completely sympathise. It’s fun to be blond. And it’s almost dificult to remember how I used to look with my proper hair colour.” Harry Potter star Tom Felton must dye his hair every 10 days while filming the wizard movies.

17th July 2009

Quote: "If you spent like a proper amount of time with me, you would probably wonder if I was on drugs. I'm not. I'm just incredibly hyperactive. Manic." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is easily excitable.

16th July 2009

Quote: "When I saw the first Harry Potter film and my name came up right at the end, I almost started crying. I couldn't believe that was my name there. It was really amazing." Daniel Radcliffe is proud of his achievements as the boy wizard.

16th July 2009

Quote: "Daniel wasn't great really when I did my kissing scene. I guess he hadn't forgotten I'd teased him when he got kissed. He was sort of standing at the back of the set trying to make me laugh. He was a little bit of a creep." Rupert Grint was unimpressed with his Harry Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe's jokey behaviour when he was filming a smooch for the movie.

15th July 2009

Quote: "I wake up in the morning I think Potter, I go to bed I think Potter. It's a challenge to bring this huge thing to a conclusion and I couldn't bear letting that go and seeing someone else doing it. I couldn't let it go, it was too addictive, too compulsive, too much fun." Harry Potter director David Yates insists the wizard franchise is worth all the hard work he put into it.

14th July 2009

Quote: "I absolutely love dancing, so I took up lessons - just doing a bit of hip-hop, street jazz, that sort of thing." Harry Potter star Emma Watson loves to hit the dance floor.

11th July 2009

Quote: "Rob Pattinson is a sex symbol. Rob Pattinson is a genuine sexy guy. He's got the height. If girls like short and nerdy, then I'm a sex symbol!" Daniel Radcliffe is adamant his former Harry Potter co-star Robert Pattinson rates above him in the sexy stakes.

10th July 2009

Quote: "I am going to be so sad to leave this behind. But there is also an element of excitement that a script might come in and I don't have to go, 'Oh, I'm sorry I'm kind of busy being Harry Potter for the next four years'." Daniel Radcliffe has mixed emotions about the upcoming end of the wizard film franchise.

10th July 2009

Quote: "My guilty secret is that I watch BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT. But I guess that many millions of others do as well!" Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe regularly tunes in to Simon Cowell's TV talent contest.

9th July 2009

Quote: "I was ill-equipped as I'd just had a baby. You have pelvic floor problems after having a baby and bladder control is minimal. Every time I screamed I wore nappies (diapers). Helena Bonham Carter warned her Harry Potter AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE co-stars not to get too close during filming.

8th July 2009

Quote: "The one piece of advice I would give to any actor is, if you want to go out on the street without being recognised, without even being looked at, go out with a 6ft 8in beautiful transsexual. No one gives you a second glance. Especially when you're 5ft 5in." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has a unique way of avoiding the attentions of the paparazzi.

8th July 2009

Quote: "I wondered why everyone moved away when I sneezed!" Harry Potter star Rupert Grint is repelling friends and fans after recovering from a bout of the swine flu.

8th July 2009

Quote: "It's like a ride they put you on, and it's not the most comfortable thing. They made a little seat for me. They took a mould of my chair area!" Harry Potter star Rupert Grint was left red-faced shooting broomstick scenes for the hit wizard franchise.

7th July 2009

Quote: "There was a period when we were the only boys and girls any of us knew. And so, you know, we were all unbelievably horny from about the third film to probably about the end of the fifth - then it settled down. But, God, for a few years..." Daniel Radcliffe on experiencing puberty while filming the Harry Potter franchise.

6th July 2009

Quote: "I thought it was my chance to have the boobs I've always wanted. But my assistant said, 'You look like a porn star'. And that was not the image I was going for." Helena Bonham Carter enjoyed sporting larger assets in Harry Potter AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE.

3rd July 2009

Quote: "I'm such a terrible host. I invited a friend over for dinner tonight and because of all these interviews I've now told him to eat first!" Daniel Radcliffe finds it hard to have a social life while promoting the upcoming Harry Potter movie.

30th June 2009

Quote: "The best thing about Columbia is the boys. There's a lot of them and they're good ones. I'm jealous because I'm ready to go back there now myself." Amanda Peet is envious of Harry Potter star Emma Watson - who has reportedly enrolled in America's Columbia University.

30th June 2009

Quote: "I’ve never been seriously involved with anyone. I’ve certainly never been in love. I’ve always preferred to keep things casual. I’m not seeing anyone now and I don’t feel the need to have a girlfriend. It’s not that I find it hard to meet girls - they do come and chat me up from time to time. Sometimes I’m interested. I tend not to go for the very pretty ones. I prefer the quirkier types, the ones who are a little weird. But when it comes to girls, I’m quite insecure." Harry Potter star Rupert Grint on his love life.

30th June 2009

Quote: "Dad never told me how much money I was earning. The truth is I'd like to pretend it doesn't exist." Harry Potter star Emma Watson was shocked to discover she is worth $15 million (£10 million).

30th June 2009

Quote: "I don't think I'm going to grow much more. I'd love to be taller - ask anyone who if five feet five inches if they want to be taller and they'll generally tell you, 'Yes'. But it's not something I can do anything about, unless I get weights and strap them to my shoes to stretch me." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe hates being short.

30th June 2009

Quote: "I never took myself too seriously. I come from a very normal background and I’d like to think I’ve never stopped being normal." Harry Potter star Rupert Grint refuses to let fame go to his head.

25th June 2009

Quote: "I’ve noticed I make noises when I get up and sit down now. I mean, my knees are rotten bad - I refused to wear knee pads too many times when I was doing stunts, and I just clobbered them up a bit. I am an old man in a young man’s body." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is suffering from 'old age' at 19. The young Brit turns 20 in July (09).

25th June 2009

Quote: "I just want to keep it private for as long as I can. I probably sound like a paranoid nut, but I'm doing this because I want to be normal. I really want anonymity. I want to do it properly, like everyone else. As long as I don't walk in and see, like, Harry Potter posters everywhere, I'll be fine." HARRY POTTER star Emma Watson on her plans to attend university later this year (09).

24th June 2009

Quote: "I'm going to wear cycling shorts whenever I get out of cars." Harry Potter star Emma Watson has a clever plan to foil intrusive photographers who point their cameras up her skirt.

24th June 2009

Quote: "I don't think I've ever been this tired in my life! I literally wear my pyjama bottoms to set. I roll out of bed and put on a hoodie and some Ugg boots." Harry Potter star Emma Watson doesn't bother getting dressed to go to work on the wizard franchise.

17th June 2009

Quote: "I remember when the book came out, I was like, 'I'm going to wait for the script, because I don't want to get prepared for a scene that's not going to be there'. A friend picked it up and said, 'You're in this quite a bit', so I naturally picked it up rather rapidly and read it cover to cover in about 24 hours." British actor Tom Felton was eager to discover what his character DRACO got up to in Harry Potter AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE.

17th June 2009

Fact: Russell Crowe is filming for his upcoming ROBIN HOOD project at the same stretch of U.K. coastline where the Harry Potter cast shot scenes last month (May09).

3rd June 2009

Quote: "It's funny because teenage girls would say, 'Oh, my God, you're Cedric!' It switched in a week to 'Oh, my God, it's Edward!' Allegiances change so freely in the teen-girl world." Robert Pattinson's rise to fame as Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter film franchise was quickly eclipsed by his turn as vampire Edward Cullen in TWILIGHT.

1st June 2009

Fact: Britain's legendary Pinewood Studios are set to undergo a massive $300 million (£200 million) expansion to allow more major movies to be made in Britain. The studio in Buckinghamshire, England already hosts filming of the James Bond franchise and the Harry Potter pictures.

5th May 2009

Quote: "I love that car but all my friends say it's ugly. They say I drive a brick. It's not the prettiest car on the road but it's good for the environment. It's sensible and boring - like me." Harry Potter actress Emma Watson defends her decision to drive a planet-friendly Toyota Prius.

2nd May 2009

Quote: "I never used to panic about how I looked but since I've been living in London it's becoming increasingly difficult. It's another reason why I can't wait to go to university where I can be truly anonymous." Harry Potter star Emma Watson is counting the days until she starts her studies at England's prestigious Cambridge University later this year (09).

24th April 2009

Quote: I want to be stressed about deadlines. I want to cycle around campus on a little bicycle. I miss the smell of books. I miss my pencil case and ring binders. I want it all back. Harry Potter star Emma Watson, 19, is eager to begin her university studies later this year (09).

24th April 2009

Quote: "I wondered why my friends were reading childrens' literature and being slightly backwards, and I was offered the books and I read them and they were like crack. I read the first four, I was up all night, walking around red-eyed all day, driving around with them on the steering wheel was exhausted and desperate for more, so I understand why people are so addicted to them." Actor Jason Isaacs, who plays evil LUCIUS MALFOY in the Harry Potter franchise, quickly fell under the spell of J.K. ROWLING's best-selling series.

24th April 2009

Quote: I love the Prius, even if my friends say its ugly... its not the prettiest car on the road, but its good for the environment. Its sensible and boring - like me. Harry Potter actress Emma Watson insists her simple taste in cars matches her personality.

16th April 2009

Fact: U.S. Harry Potter fans won't have to wait quite so long for the boy wizard's magical new film - HARRY POTTER & THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE will hit cinemas on 15 July (09), two days earlier than its previous release date.

6th April 2009

Quote: "At a premiere for Harry Potter, all these girls were screaming, and this girl asked me to sign something. Halfway through, Daniel Radcliffe came along and the girl snatched the pad away saying, 'I want Daniel!' So I just shuffled off." Heart-throb Robert Pattinson was forced to play second best to Daniel Radcliffe at a red-carpet event.

6th April 2009

Quote: "At a premiere for Harry Potter, all these girls were screaming, and this girl asked me to sign something. Halfway through, Daniel Radcliffe came along and the girl snatched the pad away saying, 'I want Daniel!' So I just shuffled off." Heart-throb Robert Pattinson was forced to play second best to Daniel Radcliffe at a red-carpet event.

2nd March 2009

Fact: The girlfriend of England soccer star THEO WALCOTT has won a part in a forthcoming Harry Potter film. Student MELANIE SLADE will feature alongside Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe in HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART ONE, due for release in 2010.

16th February 2009

Quote: "I haven't met her, but she's amazing." Joe Jonas has his eyes on another teen star - the Jonas Brothers idol is harbouring a crush on Harry Potter actress Emma Watson.

12th February 2009

Fact: Harry Potter author J.K. ROWLING has seen her handprints immortalised in stone. The tribute has gone on display in Edinburgh, Scotland, the city where she first conjured up the boy wizard.

12th February 2009

Fact: Harry Potter author J.K. ROWLING has seen her handprints immortalised in stone. The tribute has gone on display in Edinburgh, Scotland, the city where she first conjured up the boy wizard.

10th February 2009

Quote: "I've never had to kiss anyone on screen before so I can't say I have any techniques. I am nervous about it, but apparently it gets quite boring after a couple of takes; that's what DANIEL (RADCLIFFE) said to me anyway." Emma Watson picks up some smooching tips from her Harry Potter co-star.

5th February 2009

Quote: "The real difference is that Jo Rowling is a terrific writer and Stephenie Meyer can't write worth a darn. She's not very good." Author Stephen King doesn't think TWILIGHT writer STEPHENIE MEYER is on a par with Harry Potter creator J.K. ROWLING.

2nd February 2009

Quote: "I find the whole idea of being 'sexy' embarrassing and confusing. What's sexy about saying, 'I'm here with my boobs out and a short skirt - have a look at everything I've got'? My idea of sexy is that less is more." Harry Potter star Emma Watson vows to cover up.

1st February 2009

Quote: "I'll go nude. The guy in Equus is attracted to horses and walks around nude. It looks like an intense acting experience." TWILIGHT heart-throb Robert Pattinson hopes to follow in the footsteps of Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe and get naked on stage.

9th January 2009

Quote: "I often get, 'Hi, Dumbledore,' and I say, 'No, that's Michael Gambon. I play the real wizard.' Of course, there's a confusion because Ms. Rowling (Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling) has announced that Dumbledore is gay, so maybe that's the confusion." SIR Ian McKellen can understand why movie fans mistake him for HARRY POTTER's Gambon.

8th January 2009

Quote: "I don't think it's very pretty to be really, really, skinny. It's not inspirational at all for me. I'm lucky and I'm this size naturally. I don't diet and I don't aspire to be super skinny. I just don't think it's very pretty." Teenage Harry Potter actress Emma Watson has no aspirations to be stick-thin.

11th December 2008

Quote: "I'm hugely sentimental. I collect and collect and collect. I have boxes full of postcards, letters and photographs." Harry Potter actress Emma Watson keeps hold of her memories.

11th December 2008

Quote: "When I got the part, people were like, 'Why you?' And I just remember seeing a L'Oreal advert, and coming out with an American accent, 'Because I'm worth it.'" Emma Watson justifies landing her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film franchise.

10th December 2008

Quote: "The public are desperate for it. It would literally be like (a royal marriage)." Emma Watson rules out a union with her Harry Potter co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint.

10th December 2008

Fact: Harry Potter creator J.K. ROWLING's latest book has become the fastest selling of the year - after less than a week on sale. The Tales of Beedle the Bard sold 367,625 copies in its first three days on the shelves.

4th December 2008

Fact: An original copy of a popular book by Harry Potter author J.K. ROWLING purchased for $4 million (GBP2.6 million) at auction in 2007 will be available for public viewing at the New York Public Library until 4 January (08). Rowling initially created only seven copies of THE TALES OF BEEDLE THE BARD for friends, bound in Moroccan leather and embellished with silver and moonstones.

2nd December 2008

Quote: "He's one of the few I've been really scared by, because he's very intense and he's very tall - and he kind of looks amazing. I found it very intimidating." Daniel Radcliffe admits he felt insecure around fellow British actor and Harry Potter co-star Ralph Fiennes

16th October 2008

Fact: A far-reaching new Conde Nast study has determined James Bond has generated almost $14 billion (GBP7.6 billion) from books, movies and video games since his 1953 debut. The figure makes 007 one of the most lucrative fictional characters in history, ahead of both Harry Potter and Batman.

28th September 2008

Quote: "She did come back to say hello, so I've been unbearably smug." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe was thrilled to see Julia Roberts at the matinee of his new play Equus in New York on Wednesday (24Sep08).

25th September 2008

Quote: "When you have to get naked on stage with someone, you want to feel relaxed with them." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is close to his co-stars in stage show Equus.

25th September 2008

Quote: “There's a lot of sweat on me by the end. I'm a physically repellent thing. At least it's good exercise. I don't have to go to the gym." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe finds his role in stage play Equus helps him keep fit.

16th September 2008

Quote: "I've read the books but haven't seen the films. He's a snake, right? I didn't watch it because I decided I think it would frighten me if I had to play his wife." Actress Keira Knightley avoided watching her THE DUCHESS co-star Ralph Fiennes' turn as Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter movies.

7th September 2008

Fact: Harry Potter star Emma Watson has splashed out $1.85 million (GBP1 million) on a ski chalet in Meribel, France. The actress gained access to an $18.5 million (GBP10 million) fortune when she turned 18 in April (08).

2nd September 2008

Quote: “I think part of me would love to play a drag queen, just because it would be an excuse to wear loads of eye makeup.” Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe on his dream role.

21st August 2008

Quote: "I'm a person who got lucky very young." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is grateful for his acting debut at age 11.

18th August 2008

Quote: "I sometimes think, 'Why, oh why, has Velcro never taken off?'" Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has trouble tying his shoelaces.

10th August 2008

Quote: "She's also a big worrier. She worries about her parents' health. She'll worry that she's not doing a good job. She'll worry that we've just bought a house in Los Angeles but haven't got enough time to spend there. She worries about (our daughter) Gracie. She worries about me." Harry Potter actor David Thewlis knows his partner, PUSHING DAISIES star Anna Friel, takes everything to heart.

31st July 2008

Fact: Author J.K. ROWLING will release a book featured in the Harry Potter series, THE TALES OF BEEDLE THE BARD, to raise money for charity. Rowling originally produced only seven copies of the book, one of which internet company Amazon bid $4 million (GBP2 million) for last year (07). The proceeds from the book - which goes on sale in December (08) - will go to the author's charity, the Children's High Level Group.

21st July 2008

Fact: Harry Potter fans are paying almost $2,000 (GBP1,000) to stay in a hotel room in Scotland's The Balmoral where Jk Rowling finished writing HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS. Room 552, which includes the writing desk she used, has been renamed the JK Rowling Suite.

2nd July 2008

Fact: Harry Potter author Jk Rowling has raised almost $36,000 (GBP18,000) for charity after auctioning off first editions of each of the seven books in the wizard franchise.

2nd July 2008

Fact: A signed set of first edition Harry Potter books fetched $36,000 (GBP17,800) at an auction in Berkshire, England on Tuesday (01Jul08).

11th June 2008

Fact: Harry Potter author Jk Rowling has raised $50,000 (GBP25,000) for charity after auctioning off a one-off 800 word prequel to her famous wizard book franchise at a London auction on Monday (10Jun08).

30th May 2008

Fact: Harry Potter author J.K. ROWLING is to auction off her 800-word prequel to the hit wizard franchise next month (Jun08) to raise funds for the British Dyslexia organisation.

17th April 2008

Quote: "It was out of one frying pan and into another." Emma Watson on being romantically linked to Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell instead of her Harry Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe.

9th April 2008

Fact: Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe will make his Broadway debut in New York in September (08), starring alongside Richard Griffiths in the PETER SCHAFFER play Equus. The show will open on 25 September at the Broadhurst Theatre. Both actors won critical acclaim after a run in Equus on London's West End last year (07).

18th March 2008

Quote: "You sit on a broom for hours and it starts to hurt. It gives you a numb bum." Harry Potter star Rupert Grint on the perils of filming the boy-wizard's adventures.

10th March 2008

Fact: Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has spent $4.4 million (GBP2.2 million) on a luxury apartment in New York - his second property purchase in Manhattan in a matter of months.

29th February 2008

Quote: "The Prince said he loved the Potters and said what great films they were and what great fun they were." Harry Potter actress Julie Walters was surprised to learn British royal Prince Charles is a fan of the boy wizard franchise. Walters was presented with the Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) medal by the Prince at London's Buckingham Palace on Friday (29Feb08).

30th January 2008

Quote: "It has been the worst break-up of my life - far worse than splitting up with any man." J.K. ROWLING misses writing about Harry Potter after publishing the last book in the series.

3rd January 2008

Fact: Movies including Transformers and Harry Potter AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX helped 2007 become the most successful year yet at the U.S. box-office, with takings of $9.62 billion (GBP4.81 billion).

23rd November 2007

Fact: Harry Potter fans are being given the chance to win a walk-on part in the next big-screen installment of the boy wizard franchise, HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE. Internet giant MSN is running the competition online, with entrants answering weekly questions to score the dream prize.

17th November 2007

Fact: Actress Helen McCrory, who played former British prime minister's wife Cherie Blair in hit movie THE QUEEN, has landed a role in the sixth installment of the Harry Potter franchise, HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE playing evil witch Narcissa Malfoy.

16th November 2007

Quote: "I hardly ever look - honest!" Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe refuses to keep check of his bank account.

7th November 2007

Quote: "I think they'd be very unlucky to have me." Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe has snubbed a career in the British Army.

15th September 2007

Quote: "Hopefully jail's not in the immediate future, or the long-term future." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has no plans to become a bad boy.

11th September 2007

Quote: "I'm very grateful to my mother, being five-feet tall." Actor Daniel Radcliffe is happy he hasn't outgrown the part of Harry Potter.

10th September 2007

Quote: "What's her name? Genuinely. I'm sorry, I'm not good on pop culture." Daniel Radcliffe responds to Miley Cyrus' comments that the Harry Potter star has a crush on her.

9th September 2007

Quote: "My eyes are just strangely big." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe on his permanently startled look.

8th September 2007

Quote: "Rihanna is massive in England because this English summer just consisted of some of the worst flooding in 20 years... and so her song UMBRELLA became, like, the national anthem." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe reveals why Rihanna is so beloved in England.

10th August 2007

Fact: Los Angeles Lakers basketball superstar Kobe Bryant is a huge Harry Potter fan.

4th August 2007

Quote: "People who have car collections - I never understood that. I always thought that was unnecessary. It's not beautiful, it's not creative. It's just showing how much money you've got." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has no plans to own a fleet of cars.

1st August 2007

Quote: "I remember meeting a boy who said, 'Please, never ever, ever, ever kill HAGRID, DUMBLEDORE or SIRIUS and I knew that I'd already done it; I'd already killed Sirius and I can't pretend that, looking at him, I didn't feel quite awful." Harry Potter creator J.K. ROWLING felt guilty about killing off Sirius Black in HARRY POTTER + THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX.

30th July 2007

Quote: "I'm dealing with a level of obsession in some of my fans that will not rest until they know the middle names of Harry's great great-grandparents." Author J.K. ROWLING struggles to satisfy Harry Potter superfans' need for knowledge.

24th July 2007

Fact: The latest Harry Potter movie, THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX, has given Warner Brothers bosses their biggest opening ever, scoring $561 million (GBP280.5 million) worldwide in just 12 days.

24th July 2007

Quote: "Most of the things I like cost GBP10 ($20). It's CDs and books for me, not sports cars." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe insists he's not going to blow his GBP20 million ($40 million) fortune since turning 18 on Monday (23Jul07).

23rd July 2007

Fact: The Braille edition of new Harry Potter book THE DEATHLY HALLOWS weighs in at a hefty 12 pounds (5.4 kilograms).

23rd July 2007

Fact: Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe will finally get his hands on his GBP23 million ($46 million) fortune as he turns 18 on Monday (23Jul07).

23rd July 2007

Fact: A rare first edition of J.K. ROWLING's Harry Potter AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS is expected to fetch an estimated GBP1,500 ($3,000) when the book goes up for auction in Fife, Scotland, on Monday (23Jul07).

16th July 2007

Fact: SEX + The City star Kim Cattrall will play the mother of Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe in a new biopic of much-loved English poet RUDYARD KIPLING.

14th July 2007

Quote: "In some of the early movies I sound like I'm on helium." Daniel Radcliffe hates looking back on his first Harry Potter films.

12th July 2007

Quote: "It'll be sent to me the night it's released, so I won't be queuing up for it. But I'm not getting it earlier than anyone else." Actress Emma Watson insists she'll receive no special treatment when it comes to the release of J.K. ROWLING's latest and last Harry Potter book THE DEATHLY HALLOWS later this month (Jul07).

12th July 2007

Fact: Harry Potter + THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX has made $12 million(GBP6 million) at the box office in America since it hit cinemas at midnight on Tuesday (10Jul07).

11th July 2007

Quote: "I went to a screening with an audience, and when the shots of the young me came on screen some girls in the crowd went, 'Ooooh, cute!' I slid down in my seat. It was soul destroying." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe hates the flashback footage in his latest film THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX.

11th July 2007

Quote: "I love to avoid scenes where I ride on a broomstick for obvious reasons. I want to have children in the future. Riding a broomstick can be a little uncomfortable, but they gave me pants with padding in the right places." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe on the downside of playing the boy wizard.

10th July 2007

Fact: Harry Potter star Rupert Grint recently bought an ice-cream van and plans to serve up cold treats to his co-stars on the next boy wizard movie.

7th July 2007

Quote: "There are too many stupid girls in the media. I think sometimes really smart girls dumb themselves down a bit, and that's bad." Harry Potter star Emma Watson is fed up with reading about the partying exploits of certain Hollywood females.

5th July 2007

Quote: "That's great and all, but I really am single. Tell them to come and get a taste of the real deal." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe on reports his new waxwork at London's Madame Tussauds has been kissed by hoards of female fans.

5th July 2007

Quote: "I'd love to form a band and make a record." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe on his musical ambitions.

5th July 2007

Quote: "When I was younger, they used to tease me. Now, they're quite protective." Teenager Emma Watson admits Harry Potter co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint look after her.

4th July 2007

Quote: "I've not really spent one dime." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe admits he's saving his movie money.

4th July 2007

Quote: "I'm a bit of a feminist." Harry Potter star Emma Watson adopts girlpower.

29th June 2007

Quote: "Somebody asked me today what I would do if I was a leader of a country and it would be flying saucers and unicycles - everybody needs a unicycle in life." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe wants to make radical changes to the world of transportation.

26th May 2007

Fact: The latest Harry Potter book from British author Jk Rowling, HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS is being printed in a small town in Germany by labourers forced to work in total darkness so they can't read the book. Security is so tight that workers at the GGP Print factory in Poessneck are searched upon arrival and departure of the plant and assured they will be fired if so much as a page is smuggled out.

21st May 2007

Fact: The Harry Potter franchise has inspired a new set of British stamps. The cover illustrations of J.K. Rowling's seven books about the boy wizard will appear on new first class postal sets from 17July (07).

20th April 2007

Fact: Twenty minutes of upcoming sequel Harry Potter AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX will be presented in 3D at select IMAX cinemas.

16th March 2007

Fact: Literary sleuth SHERLOCK HOLMES is to be re-invented as an action hero in a new movie, based on the upcoming graphic novel created by one-time Harry Potter creative executive LIONEL WIGRAM.

2nd February 2007

Quote: "I'd be an estate agent or a probation officer. I know a lot about houses and I like criminals." Harry Potter actress Miriam Margolyes has an alternative career plan in place if she abandons acting.

2nd February 2007

Fact: A helpline is being set up to comfort devastated fans when the final Harry Potter book is published in July (07).

1st February 2007

Fact: Author J.K. ROWLING has announced the release date for the final literary installment of the Harry Potter series. British fans can get their hands on the hotly-anticipated HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS on 21 July (07).

31st January 2007

Quote: "To have a six-pack like that at that age, when some people try for 25 years to get one... We were gobsmacked at how suddenly he turned into this swan." Theatre producer DAVID PUGH is amazed with Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe's transformation from bespectacled boy wizard to toned hunk for new play Equus, in which he'll bare all on the London stage.

9th January 2007

Fact: The last Harry Potter book, HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS, has topped the bestsellers book chart at Amazon.co.uk, despite the Jk Rowling novel not yet having a release date.

18th November 2006

Quote: "Once you have covered it from all the camera angles, you've done about 30 takes. But because it's the kiss, it was sort of made out that I had requested to do well over 30 takes." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe insists the wizard's first on-screen kiss was all work and not much play.

6th June 2006

Quote: "If I wasn't nominated in the same category as Harry Potter, and I didn't have a seven-year-old, it might be more exciting, but I know nobody's rooting for me in my house." Kate Beckinsale didn't have big hopes of winning a Best Hero prize - for her leading role in Underworld: Evolution at the MTV Movie Awards on Saturday (03JUN06).

14th April 2006

Quote: "I was in an elevator with a stranger who was working up the courage to say something. He goes, 'Harry Potter?' I said, 'Nope.' That was all we said for the rest of the ride." THE LORD OF THE RINGS star Elijah Wood on his strangest encounter in an elevator.

15th March 2006

Quote: "It seems a long time ago I was auditioning against a lot of other ginger kids. I feel really lucky to be part of such a cool thing." Red-haired actor Rupert Grint ponders his luck at being chosen to play Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films.

2nd February 2006

Fact: <p>British Royal Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate her 80th birthday by inviting 3,000 children to a themed garden party at Buckingham Palace. The party will honour much-loved children's characters including Harry Potter, Winnie The Pooh and Paddington Bear. </p>

25th January 2006

Quote: <p>"The parents recognise me. They go, 'Look, it's LUCIUS MALFOY.' And the kids look at their parents like they're insane because what would Lucius Malfoy be doing shopping in a Providence shopping mall?" Harry Potter villain Jason Isaacs on getting recognised while filming US TV series BROTHERHOOD in Rhode Island. </p>

24th January 2006

Fact: <p>Harry Potter author Jk Rowling is set to visit Romania this week (ends27JAN06) to be the guest of honour at a fundraising dinner. The British writer was recently named as a trustee of the Children's High Level Group, which focuses on child health across Europe. </p>

8th January 2006

Fact: <p>Harry Potter AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE has been confirmed as the best-selling book of 2005 in the US, selling an impressive 7.2 million copies in total - 4.1 million of which were snapped up on its first day on sale. </p>

23rd December 2005

Fact: <p>The Harry Potter reading phenomenon has halved hospital Accident and Emergency admissions among children, according to British medical experts. The release of new installments of the popular boy wizard books succeeds in keeping kids indoors rather than pursuing more dangerous activities, they explain. </p>

16th December 2005

Fact: <p>Tunes from The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe, The Constant Gardener, Harry Potter AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE, Rumor Has It and Hustle and Flow are among the 45 being considered for Song of The Year at the Oscars. </p>

4th December 2005

Fact: <p>Harry Potter author Jk Rowling is protected at her luxurious mansion in Edinburgh, Scotland, by a former member of the British Army's Special Air Service (SAS). </p>

23rd November 2005

Fact: <p>Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has reportedly signed a deal worth more than $14 million (GBP7.8 million) to star in HARRY POTTER + THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX. </p>

21st November 2005

Quote: <p>"He showed me some pictures he had done... and I guess the little kid in me that likes to dress up and be bad just went, 'Yeah, I want to do it,' because it looked so spooky and weird." Ralph Fiennes explains how director Mike Newell persuaded him to play Harry Potter villain LORD VOLDEMORT. </p>

21st November 2005

Quote: <p>"I was flipping through the (TV) channels and I came upon the first Harry Potter. I thought there was something wrong with the sound because our voices were so high... I particularly don't like watching myself when I'm young and squeaky." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is embarrassed by his first portrayal of the boy wizard. </p>

21st November 2005

Quote: <p>"I get sent Bibles. I have a collection of about 20 in my room. People think I need to be guided." Harry Potter fans attempt to save star Emma Watson's soul from the dark forces. </p>

25th October 2005

Quote: <p>"They made me wear nails three inches long. You can't do anything with them on. Can't even pick your nose. Unless it's very carefully." Miranda Richardson found the make-up required for her role in forthcoming sequel Harry Potter AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE to be constricting. </p>

24th August 2005

Quote: <p>"I've been wanting to have an action figure for so long. I can't wait to see it." British thespian Ralph Fiennes admits the prospect of becoming an action figure helped him with his decision to play Harry Potter's arch-foe VOLDEMORT in the upcoming HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE. </p>

11th August 2005

Fact: <p>Following the huge successes of Harry Potter AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN and Bridget Jones: THE EDGE OF REASON, British films nearly doubled their takings at the international box office last year (04). In 2003, UK movies fetched $1.2 billion (GBP650 million), compared to $2.3 billion (GBP1.3 billion) in 2004. </p>

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