Harry Styles has been advising Emma Corrin on how to cope with fame.

The 24-year-old actress - who plays Princess Diana in 'The Crown' - is a huge fan of Harry's music and, after she attended one of his gigs last year, the pair struck up a friendship with Harry, 26, giving Emma tips on life in the spotlight.

A source told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: ''There's nothing romantic between Harry and Emma but they became friends because they know loads of the same people.

''She is expecting her life to change dramatically when 'The Crown' airs, because suddenly everyone will be interested in who she is, so it's nice to have pals like Harry who know how to deal with fame.

''As well as having mutual friends, she has the same stylist as Harry, so it's quite a nice link between them. They're both private people so no one seems to know they are actually mates.''

Meanwhile, it was recently confirmed that 'The Crown' season four - featuring Emma as Diana - will be released on November 15.

Netflix released a new trailer for the upcoming series of the show and revealed that it will launch globally on the streaming service in November.

Season four will be Olivia Colman's final outing as the monarch, before she's replaced by Imelda Staunton for season five.

The upcoming series will cover the era of Margaret Thatcher as British Prime Minister, along with Prince Charles and Princess Diana's tumultuous marriage.