Harry Styles is everywhere as of late but usually it's without his One Direction bandmates. Solo Styles has been stepping out without the other boys so much lately it's leading some people to wonder if the boy band member is about to go on his own 'direction' (we had to). As much as any break up talk may pain the group's many, many loyal fans, it has become rather apparent that Harry’s fame is somewhat eclipsing the  other band members.

One Direction's Harry StylesIf you can only name one member of One Direction, it's probably Harry Styles

You really can’t escape Harry Styles as of late, his love life has made him a tabloid fixture (Kendall Jenner, Alison Mosshart, anyone?), he’s being FROW-ing at London Fashion Week and he’s even been writing some songs with Irish band Kodaline. Actually, it seems the only people who have managed to escape Harry are, well his One Direction bandmates. Despite the boys appearing together at last month’s Brit Awards, the group really haven't been showing much unity as of late, instead everything seems to have become the Harry Styles' show. Even at the Brits ceremony he took the spotlight by having to dash on to the stage late when the band collected their global success award.

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It’s clear that part of the 'Styles' problem might be that so much attention has been placed on his personal life. Not a week goes by when Harry doesn't seem to be linked to another female, most recently its Alison Mosshart from The Kills, less surprisingly before that was Kim K’s little sis, Kendall Jenner. He’s also become a bit of a permanent fixture on the London party scene, hanging with Cara Delevingne’s über cool fashion crowd. Indeed Harry’s very much endeared himself to the fashion world as of late, last year was crowned the 'most stylish' person in Britain at the British Fashion Awards and more recently he’s appeared FROW at Burberry Porsurum’s London Fashion Week show.

One Direction at the Brit AwardsOne Direction re-unite at the Brit Awards last month

It’s not just his celebrity profile he seems intent on raising though, Harry also seems to be branching out on his own musically. Last month it was revealed that Harry had been working on some solo material. The singer is even said to have penned two songs, including one with John Legend, adding to this, on Friday Irish rockers Kodaline tweeted that they had been spending some studio time with Styles, saying ‘in the studio with @Harry_Styles in LA writing a tune, sounds massive.’

Then there’s also the rumours that Harry is about to embark on an acting career. Harry’s been making some pretty big name friends in Hollywood as of late, including Johnny Depp, who’s thought to be giving him style advice and Leonardo DiCaprio, whose production company is said to be interested in Styles for a number of roles. Its also been rumoured by The Sun that Harry’s Hollywood career is about to be kickstarted with a role in the upcoming ‘Wicked’ movie. Indeed if Harry’s got Depp and DiCaprio on his speed dial then a Hollywood career can’t be too far off.

One Direction's Harry StylesSolo Styles? Maybe it's time for Harry to branch out on his own

Now the One Direction boys are set to be together again as they embark on rehearsals for their upcoming tour. For fans seeing the boys on stage together again might finally put an end to the rumours Harry’s been fighting off, that the band are finally about to call it quits. One Direction’s vast army of fans can probably breathe a sigh of relief now, as they seem to still have life left in them and a break up might be a bit premature, at least for the meantime. As for Mr Styles, one has really got to wonder how long he can hold back his own ambitions and stay as simply one of five. He’s clearly the band’s most famous member even if the other four also manage to get their fair share of attention. Interestingly though it’s Liam and Louis who have been named as the band’s top earners recently, because they’re the two with the most songwriting credits. With that in mind, maybe Harry’s just trying to earn a little extra pocket money during the band’s downtime, after all those hairbands cant be cheap.

Remember One Direction together in the trailer for 'This is Us':