Harry Styles has grown close to Emma Corrin's pooch.

The 26-year-old music star doesn't own a dog of his own because of his jet-setting lifestyle, but Harry has still managed to strike-up a friendship with the actress' beloved pet pooch, Spencer.

A source told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: ''Harry totally fell in love with Emma's dog and offered to walk him.

''He lives nearby and can pop in and they can spend some time together. Harry's all over the world and can't get a dog of his own, so this works perfectly. Spencer loves spending time with Harry.''

Emma plays Princess Diana in 'The Crown' and earlier this year, it was suggested that Harry was advising her on how to cope with the stresses of fame.

The chart-topping singer became a worldwide star during his teens, when he joined the pop group One Direction, and he's recently been giving Emma tips on how to deal with the demands of life in the spotlight.

A source said: ''There's nothing romantic between Harry and Emma but they became friends because they know loads of the same people.

''She is expecting her life to change dramatically when 'The Crown' airs, because suddenly everyone will be interested in who she is, so it's nice to have pals like Harry who know how to deal with fame.''

The celebrity duo have the same stylist, but they've managed to keep their friendship low-key over recent months.

The insider explained: ''As well as having mutual friends, she has the same stylist as Harry, so it's quite a nice link between them. They're both private people so no one seems to know they are actually mates.''