Harry Styles is no stranger to body art, though his latest tattoo is his biggest and boldest yet. Tattoo artist Liam Sparkes posted a Flickr image on January 22, 2013, and although it Harry's face is not visible, a representative for the One Direction singer confirmed to E! Online that it's definitely him in the snap.

This time around, the tattoo is a large butterfly inked in the middle of his chest. It's all a bit weird looking to be fair. There's little wrong with the actual art, though it's RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE ON HIS CHEST. Anyway, it's no big deal to the young heartthrob, given that he's already got nearly 30 tattoos on his body, including a big black heart on his arm and two little birds on his chest. He also has a ship on his arm. One Twitter user appeared to get to the bottom of the latest tattoo, saying, "Butterflys in your stomach... I see what you did there," though we're not sure Styles will have been thinking of that. He'll take it though.

Another user said, "why doesnt he just tattoo "IM GAY" on his forehead," while one fan tweeted, "Did you guys see Harry Styles new body tattoo? Can't say its my fave... kind of resembles a giant moth :S"

While the One Direction fans appear divided, the tattoo aficionados are less than impressed with Harry Styles' new tattoo. One said on Twitter, "harry styles, obvs took wrong direction into tattoostudio, #awful looks like a transfer you used to get from 2p bubblegum!" There's some truth to that.

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Harry Styles
Harry Styles Has A Ship Tattoo On His Arm

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