Harry Styles reveals some unusual secrets about himself to Chelsea Handler on her Netflix show including what he uses to make his hair grow back so quick and his unusual biological quirk. He stars in World War II film 'Dunkirk', but it's not acting or even singing that's his biggest talent.

Harry Styles at the 'Dunkirk' premiereHarry Styles at the 'Dunkirk' premiere

Chelsea Handler met the former One Directioner on her new mononymous Netflix talk show this week, but didn't have time for a particularly involved interview. Thus, she gave him the rule of using only one word answers to her questions, though he couldn't keep it up the whole time.

Asked whether he thought he was better at acting, singing or dancing, Harry surprisingly opted for the latter. Given that he hasn't made a career out of it, his answer most likely was a way to avoid blowing his own trumpet.

Chelsea also quizzed him on what special products he used to make his hair grow so thick and fast. 'Vegetables?' Harry replied, though we're taking that to meant he eats a lot of them rather than he takes them into the shower to wash his hair with. This theory is yet to be confirmed.

Plus, did you know that Harry has a pair of extra nipples? It's an uncommon but not entirely rare phenomenon, and most people tend to only be afflicted with one extra, but Harry insists he's one of those biological marvels. He reveals that he has two in the 'Usual [place], and then just a little lower'. 

He's also put on the spot in regards to his favourite girls' name. If you can't guess what he said, you're not a true Harry Styles fan. That's right; he said 'Harriet'.

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Christopher Nolan's 'Dunkirk' starring Harry, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Kenneth Branagh and others is in theatres now.