Harry Styles was an unfortunate victim to the classic shoe-in-the-groin prank at a show in Glasgow on Tuesday night (February 26, 2013). Ok so it's not a well-known prank as such, but you get what happened: something through a shoe right at his groin, leaving the young boy-band star writhing in pain on the ground. The pain was too much for Styles, who attempted to retain his balance before giving in and hitting the deck.

"Man down! Man down!" shouted Liam Payne as he and Zayn Malik ran over to their bandmate's aid. After a couple of moments, poor old Harry was back on his feet and ready to restart the song, despite still looking in pain. It's not the first time the 19-year-old has been bruised during One Direction's current tour. During Sunday's show at the O2 Arena, he was punched in the groin by Liam, again dropping to his knees in pain. 

The multi-million selling group kicked off their Take Me Home tour in London earlier this year and it's a long road ahead for the boys, visiting Europe, American, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Japan. We dread to think how much cash they're all going to make from this one. Let's call it an even £10 million each, sound fair?

Watch Harry Styles getting hit by a shoe on-stage: