The evil culprit behind Harry Styles' shoe to the groin has finally owned up...and, er, it's a 14-year-old girl called Jade Anderson. Oh. Turns out the mystery assailant was nothing more than an over-excited One Direction fan who got so worked up about seeing her boys in action that she just had to launch her shoe in the direction of Harry's private parts.

Jade - who hails from East Kilbride - perhaps stupidly announced the news on Twitter, for all the 1D fans to read and sharpen their knives to.

"Tonight i threw my shoe and it hit harry in the balls then security came and took me out the concert then i got my shoe back hahahaha," Jade said on the micro-blogging site. However, security weren't going to kick her out simply because of some shoe-to-the-groin action and she was eventually allowed to return to the concert - just not within throwing distance. "The only reason the security let me back in is cos harry told them too," she added, before making a directly apologize to the 19-year-old. "harry_styles I'm the one that threw my shoe at you, i never meant to hurt you.Feel sooo ill now.

We wouldn't worry about it Jade, in fact, we can think of plenty of people who'd love to give him a good kick in the balls. The 14-year-old claimed police initially told her she could have killed Harry with the shoe. 

Watch Harry Styles' Shoe-To-The-Groin: