It's hardly the most obvious collaboration in British music - One Direction's Harry Styles joining forces with 'Chasing Cars' songwriter Gary Lightbody to pen some siogs together. Snow Patrol frontman Lightbody has spoken of his experience of working with the boyband heartthrob with the famous bouffant: "We wrote with Harry. It was a lot of fun. He's a real dude actually. We've no idea if those songs will make it yet, though. It's a long process. It's great to work with other people - it's good to flex the muscle."

Harry Styles
Will Harry Styles & Snow Patrol Release Music Together?

After Harry's previous duet with indie band Burning Beaches' singer Sam McCarthy, flustered fans took to Twitter, fearing Styles was about to jump ship to pursue his own separate musical interests.

To assuage fan fears that Styles might be splitting from 1D to go solo this time, a group insider speaking to The Sun's Bizarre explained "One Direction always work solo with writers and are doing the same for the new album. It saves time, which is so precious for a band under their pressures. The tracks Harry worked on with Gary are 100 per cent for the new One Direction album - and not a solo album." Also according to The Sun, Harry, Niall, Zayn, Liam and Louis have reportedly signed a three year contract where any member who walks away from the pop band will lose out on millions of pounds.

Gary Lightbody
Gary Lightbody Could Be Helping To 'Rock Up' Harry Styles' Look & Sound.

This news comes after a string of events that has seen Styles attempt to 'rock up' his image; he's been snapped visiting the guitarist's mecca - London's New Kings Road Vintage Guitar Emporium, has got inked with a bunch of tattoos and has started partying with top models Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne, with plans to attend the latter's 21st birthday party in Ibiza.

One Direction
The One Direction Boys Have Signed A Three Year Contract.

It is unknown whether the finished Styles/Lightbody tracks will ever be released but apparently Harry's been keen on getting some solid songwriting skills recently, having met up with Take That's Gary Barlow for a songwriting tutorial whilst they were both in New York, according to Digital Spy. Contrary to the 19 year-old's reputation for reckless partying, Barlow described his perception of the singer: "Harry is an attentive guy and really listens. He likes keeping older company and soaks up as much advice as he can get."

Snow Direction? One Patrol?! Watch this space!