Prepare your most piercing squeals, One Direction fans! For your favourite boyband have only gone and bestowed the world with a brand new documentary that will give an insight into the fascinating lives of our heroes.

Going Our Way will delve deep into the lives of the five members - Harry, Zayn, Louis, Niall and Liam - to give a real fan insight into such enrapturing titbits as their formation, traits of the members, why they're so famous and how they're different to rival boyband, The Wanted.

One Direction
1D: "Rocking" It.

How on earth did an X Factor band become so famous? The talent show isn't famed for being conducive to career longevity, even for those victorious. "They're definitely comparable to The Spice Girls," proclaims R&B critic, Mark Edward Nero, who likens the Brit boyband's success in America to the famous 90s girlgroup who "spiced up" our lives. He adds "they've managed to do something that The Beatles couldn't do," mentioning their impressive record for being the first British act to go straight to the top of the Billboard music charts with their debut album, Up All Night.

CLIP - What Makes Them So Popular?

But who came up with the name 'One Direction'? Who could have had the genius to create such a unifying moniker such earnest young men could proudly labour under? It could only be Harry Styles. For under his lustrously coiffed barnet seemingly lays a calculating mind that helped engineer the group's success so get them where they are today.

One Direction
An Unidentifiable 1D Member Holds A Mic.

However, seems the boys needed a little push to get them to the crowd decibel-raising level they're at now. Nicole Scherzinger, X Factor judge, chips in to say that she should be given credit for their rise to fame, not Simon Cowell, because she was the one who recognised that they'd work together so well.

Music blogger Tom Bellos analyses the 1D heartthrob's way with the ladies, focussing in particular on his highly publicised dalliance with older country pop singer, Taylor Swift: "they were a high profile couple, very much in the public light and ultimately like many of Taylor Swift's other pop sensation boyfriends soon became an ex-boyfriend."

CLIP - Harry And The Ladies:

"Harry Styles has this very nonchalant thing about him; he has this kind this swagger "I don't care" attitude and as a girl a lot of times you're drawn to that," avows Samia Khan, "On-air personality" and self-selected spokeswoman for the female populace.

Zayn Malik
The One They Call "Zayn"

Going Our Way will certainly serve up a tasting menu of enthrallment pertaining to why One Direction are the world-dominating popstars they are. And let's not forget the jewel in the crown of this investigative piece: during a photo op, Harry Styles is asked what he thinks of women. "They're very polite," decides the 19 year-old.

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Out on DVD 22nd July, stampede towards UK cinemas from 19th August.