Harry Styles just turned 19, despite having already experienced more than many 30 year olds (a fling with a model, a relationship with an international celebrity, world tours, and international stardom) and just in case he hadn't already been privy to a £100 strip tease from a stripper, Nick Grimshaw was on hand at Styles' birthday celebrations to sort that out, the Daily Mail reports.

Described by the Mail as a 'boozy party', Styles and pals Grimshaw, Miquita Oliver and Pixie Geldof (among 35 others) enjoyed plenty of beer, wine, margaritas, Jagerbombs and the obligatory celebratory champagne. Sometime during the evening a stripper was brought out for a £100 ten-minute strip tease especially for the birthday boy. 

A source told the Mail that: "Nick seemed pretty pleased with himself when the stripper started her routine. He found it hilarious. Harry seemed embarrassed and didn't know where to look, but he took it in good spirit." But when Harry himself spoke of the situation to The Sun, he seemed to look upon the whole event more favourably, saying "I was in stitches, it was really funny... unfortunately there was a no nudity policy in the bar." 

Styles and Grimshaw live close by to one another and the night out with friends at Rita's Bar and Dining was preceded the night before by another celebration with James Corden. Happy (belated) Birthday Harry Styles!